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Related Projects

Web page detailing the range of projects and services which support the Arts and Humanities with IT.

The Oxford Text Archive
The OTA archives, catalogues, and provides support for using electronic texts in Arts and Humanities disciplines.

Humbul Humanities Hub
An extensive catalogue of internet resources for a wide range of subjects.

The JTAP Virtual Seminars Project
A series of award-winning tutorials on World War One poetry.

Arts and Humanities Data Service
JISC-funded body working on behalf of the academic community to collect, catalogue, manage, preserve and promote the re-use of scholarly digital resources.

The Text Encoding Initiative
The Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) is an international project to develop guidelines for the preparation and interchange of electronic texts for scholarly research.

The Aster Project
The Assisting Small group Teaching through Electronic Resources (ASTER) Project aims to explore how Communication and Information Technologies can assist students and lecturers in making the most of small group learning and teaching, and to promote and support effective change in educational practice.

Database of Humanities computer-based projects
During 1993 The Office for Humanities Communications (OHC), supported by the British Library Research and Development Department, surveyed every humanities department in the UK seeking information on computer-based projects. The survey resulted in the details of 193 projects being returned. The projects covered a wide range of subjects including archaeology, economics, music, history, literature, classics, and religious studies. For a historical perspective on Humanities Computing in Britain, we reproduce the searchable database here.

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