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Introduction To CTI Textual Studies

The Computers in Teaching Initiative (CTI) Centre for Textual Studies was established in October 1989 as one of twenty-one subject-specific Centres to promote and support the use of computers in university teaching. The CTI Centres now number twenty-four and are a joint programme of the Department of Education in Northern Ireland and the Higher Education Funding Councils of England, Scotland, and Wales with funding in principle until July 1999. The services of the CTI Centre for Textual Studies are available to institutions funded by these bodies.

CTI Textual Studies was originally established as the Centre for Literature and Linguistic studies and covered all aspects of computing in the teaching of these subjects in all languages. In September 1990 the Centre was reorganised and renamed to cover text-based subjects formerly the province of the Centre for the Humanities. The additional subjects added to the Centre's remit were philosophy, theology, and theatre arts and drama. Classics and film studies have been subsequently added.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee of CTI Textual Studies monitored Centre activites, advised on the needs of the disciplines served by the Centre, recommended policy and actions in so far as they are consistent with funding body policy, supported and promoted the Centre

The membership of the Advisory Committee consisted of the following:

Ex Officio Members were:

We were very sad to learn that Don Fowler died during the night of 14 October 1999. Don was the longest-serving member of the Centre's management and advisory committees (he was also a founding member of Oxford's CTI phase one project for searching texts in 1986). Don had a profound influence on humanities computing within Oxford and on the world of classical computing in general. He is greatly missed.


Annual Report

The Centre submits an annual report to the CTI Support Service which is collated with reports from other CTI Centres to form the basis of the CTI Annual Report. The following annual reports for CTI Textual Studies are available:

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