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Can Information Technology really help us to extend teaching and learning beyond the classroom? What are the practical and pedagogic implications of the Virtual Seminar? What modes of learning will be expected by the next generation of students? These are the sorts of questions that we intend to address at our forthcoming one-day colloquium, to be held at Jesus College, Oxford, on 1st May.

Another forthcoming event with which the Centre is heavily involved is 'DRH'96 - Digital Resources for the Humanities'. With the rapid growth in the availability of digital resources, it is vital that all of us involved in the teaching of Humanities disciplines are fully aware of the materials available and know how best to exploit their full potential. This conference is strongly recommended to anyone concerned with the creation or use of digital resources.

The CTI Centre for Textual Studies has also agreed to undertake a survey of the user community on behalf of the developers of the British National Corpus (BNC), and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). Information about the purpose of the study and a survey form are available.

Particularly astute readers may have noticed that Dr Stuart Lee no longer appears in the list of staff associated with the Centre. After an initial one-year hand-over period following the appointments of Michael Popham and Michael Fraser, Stuart has decided to step-down from the post of Deputy Director of the Centre in order to devote more time to his new role as Oxford University's Humanities IT Support Officer. Over the years that he was involved with the Centre, Stuart played a major part in its tremendous effectiveness and success, and the time and advice that he has given whilst Deputy Director has proved invaluable.

Finally, please do not forget that staff from the Centre are happy to make visits to the relevant faculties and departments of any recognized Higher Education institution in the UK, at the invitation of the appropriate Head of Department. The theme, nature, and duration of each visit are open to discussion with the faculty or department concerned - although we do ask inviting institutions to reimburse our travel and subsistence expenses. We are now able to take bookings for visits from September 1996, but please note that we can only make a limited number of visits each year. Anyone interested in arranging a visit should contact the Centre at their earliest convenience.

Editorial Postscript Welcome to the first issue of Computers & Texts to be placed online. We have always intended to place our newsletter on the World Wide Web though originally we imagined it would be earlier editions rather than an issue which had not actually left the printing room.

We hope you enjoy this online version of Computers & Texts and that the use of HTML 3.0 tables do not cause too many problems. We are always pleased to receive feedback and the online version allows you to send a letter to the editor. Do use it!

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