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Guide to Digital Resources 1996-98

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Internet Resources for Bibliography

This section provides references for a select number of WWW sites for Bibliographic Resources.

Bodleian Access to Remote Databases

The BARD catalogue maintained by the Bodleian Library, Oxford, has a useful section which provides descriptions of, and links to, a number of major on-line bibliographic databases. Access to the databases is usually made by an automatic link to a telnet or gopher service

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BIDS gives on-line access to a number of commercial and other bibliographic collections, some of which are relevant to humanities disciplines, including the British Library Inside Information Service, the ISI database, and IBSS ON-LINE. [Full entry available.]

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The COPAC service brings together the catalogues of a number of major British university research libraries, allowing the user to search all records from a single World Wide Web interface. [Full entry available.]

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