I sometimes write for magazines and newspapers about science and its offshoots. Here is a selection of pieces I have written over the years.

  • The Cosmic Chasm, Aeon, March (2021)
  • A fresh look at Einstein’s Prague period, P.G. Ferreira, Nature 579, 23 (2020)
  • Astronomy and the Future of General Relativity, P.G. Ferreira, Sky & Telescope, December (2015)
  • General Relativity in the Sk at 100: Einstein’s Witness in the Sky, 228, 31 (2015)
  • One hundred years of relativity, P.G. Ferreira, Nature 520, 621 (2015)
  • The Universe expects, P.G. Ferreira, New Scientist, 223, 38 (2014)
  • Does Dark Energy Really Exist?, (updated) T. Clifton, P.G. Ferreira, Scientific American, 22, 58 (2013)
  • Time Reborn: from the crisis in physics to the future of the universe, P.G. Ferreira, Nature 496, 430 (2013)
  • Mr g: A novel about the creation, P.G. Ferreira, Nature 481, 262 (2012)
  • The pursuit of quantum gravity: memoirs of Bryce DeWitt from 1946 to 2004, P.G. Ferreira, Nature 471, 161 (2011)
  • Relativity goes large: putting Einstein to the test, P. G. Ferreira, New Scientist 208, 46 (2010)
  • General Relativity, New Scientist, 207, 1 (2010)
  • The unfolding of time, P.G. Ferreira, Nature, 463, 881 (2010)
  • Videotaping the Universe, P.G. Ferreira, Prospect magazine, May 4 (2009)
  • 90 years on- the 1919 eclipse expedition at Príncipe, R. Ellis, P.G. Ferreira, R. Massey, G. Weszkalnys, Astron. & Geoph., 50, 4.12 (2009)
  • Do I look flat in this?, P.G. Ferreira, New Scientist, 203, 22 (2009)
  • Does Dark Energy Really Exist?, T. Clifton, P.G. Ferreira, Scientific American, 300, 48 (2009)
  • Joseph Cornell and Astronomy: a case for the stars, P.G. Ferreira, Nature 458, 285 (2009)
  • Through a glass of darkness, P.G. Ferreira, Science 323, 1431 (2009)
  • Review: The Strangest Man by Graham Farmelo, P.G. Ferreira, New Scientist, 201, 43 (2009)
  • Exploring the multiverse, P.G. Ferreira, Physics World, 46 (2007)
  • Power Play, P.G. Ferreira, Guardian, 14th Jan. (2005)
  • The battle of black holes, P.G. Ferreira, Guardian, 30th April (2005)
  • Why Gödel was a hero to Einstein, P.G. Ferreira, Physics World 18, 40 (2005)
  • Challenges of cosmic proportion, P.G. Ferreira, Physics World, 41 (2003)
  • The quintessence of cosmology, P.G. Ferreira, CERN courier, 39, 13 (1999)

Apart from own books, I have also contributed to a few others.

  • I Am Because You Are, Eds. P. Goldshmidt, T. Hershman, Freight Book (2015)
  • Cloud Choreography and other Emergent Systems, Keith Tyson (introduction to catalogue) Koenig Books (2009)

Television and Radio

I have been regularly invited on radio and television to comment on Einstein’s theories, black holes and the Big Bang, appearing in the UK on Radio 4, BBC1, BB2, Channel 4 and internationally on the National Geographic Channel, Arte, RTL, RTP, DW and RDP.

I appeared on Closer to Truth and you can see some excerpts here

Here are some animations I contributed to.

Public Lectures

I have given public interviews and lectures all over the world. For example, I have spoken at the Serpentine Gallery (London), the Museum of Science and Modern Art Oxford (both in Oxford), the Royal Astronomical Society, the San Francisco Planetarium, the Indian Academy of Sciences (Hyderabad), Nelson Mandela’s alma mater, Fort Hare (South Africa), the island state of São Tomé and Principe, and Pioneerworks (New York).