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Professor Simon Clarke

Simon Clarke

Current position: Professor of Chemistry and Head of Inorganic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford & Official Fellow of Exeter College.

The current research in my group is geared toward the synthesis of exotic new solids and their structural and physical characterisation as summarised in the research section.

Brief C.V.

Intercalation chemistry of iron selenide

Current group members
Viktoria Falkowski
Simon Cassidy  (Facility Supervisor). Simon is the head of the Inorganic Materials Characterisation Facility in the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, working with the solid state groups. He obtained his D. Phil. in the group in 2015 working on iron-based superconductors sponsored by the Diamond Light Source.
Viktoria Falkowski (Postdoc). Viktoria joined the group at the end of 2019 after completing a PhD at the University of Innsbruck with Hubert Huppertz. She is currently working on the Faraday Institution Project FUTURECAT aiming to make new Li-ion battery cathode materials.
Shunsuke Sasaki
Cristina Castro
Shunsuke Sasaki (Postdoc). Shunsuke joined the group in 2020 after postdoctoral work at the Materials Institute Jean Rouxel in Nantes with Laurent Cario. He obtained his doctorate in 2017 from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He is working on an EPSRC project investigating the chemistry of layered oxide chalcogenides with the aim of achieving exotic electronic states.
Cristina Castro (D.Phil. student). Cristina joined the group in 2016 after finishing her undergraduate degree at Eberhard Karls Universität, Tübingen where she worked with Reinhold Fink and Jürgen Meyer. She is investigating the chemistry of layered oxide chalcogenides.
Bradley Sheath 
 Mahmoud Elgaml

Bradley Sheath (D.Phil. student). Bradley was a Part II in the group and started his D.Phil. in 2019 investigating the structures and properties of layered oxide chalcogenides and oxide pnictides.

Mahmoud Elgaml (D.Phil. student). Mahmoud was a Part II in the group and started his D.Phil. in 2019 in a project on the soft chemistry of layered chalcogenides sponsored by the Leverhulme Trust.

Rob Smyth 
 Katie Steele

Rob Smyth (D.Phil. student). Rob was a Part II student (2019/20) working on the structures, chemistry and magnetism of layered oxide chalcogenides and is continuing this theme as a D.Phil. student.

Souvik Giri (D.Phil. student). Souvik is a graduate of the prestigious IIT Kharagpur and joined the group in 2020. He is exploring the chemistry and physics of layered oxide chalcogenides

Penny Hyde
Katie Steele
Penny Hyde (D.Phil. student). Penny was a Part II student (2018/19) and is now a D.Phil student working on the soft chemical tuning of ferromagnetic or superconducting layered chalcogenides.
Katie Steele (D.Phil. student). Katie was a Part II student in 2019/20 and is continuing as a D.Phil. student on the OxICFM EPSRC-CDT programme on a joint project on battery materials with Mike Hayward.
Ludmila Babicova
Ben Gade
Ludmila Babicova (D.Phil. student). Mila is a graduate of the University of Aberdeen and started a D.Phil. in 2020 on the OxICFM EPSRC-CDT programme exploring the structures, properties and chemistry of superconducting materials with Physics and Materials colleagues.
Fergus O'Keeffe (Part II student 2021/22). Fergus is at St Hilda's College and is probing the structures and magnetism of a series of complex oxide sulfides and oxide selenides.
Billy Arnold
Samuel Olegnowicz
Lemuel Crentsil (Part II student 2021/22). Lemuel is at Chris Church and is investigating a range of soft chemical transformations of layered manganese oxide chalcogenides.
Emily Townsend (Part II student 2021/22). Emily is at St Hilda's and is exploring using soft chemistry to transform the compositions and structures of lanthanide oxide chalcogenides.

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Part II Projects
Chemistry Part II students undertake a 9 month research project which constitutes one quarter of their MChem studies. Part II projects in the group have been important in driving the group's research. Many of the new discoveries reported by the group have had their origins, at least in part, in work carried out by Part II students. Part II projects for 2022/23 will include the synthesis of new layered oxide chalcogenides as potential Li-ion Battery electrode materials, property tuning of layered superconductors and investigating the synthesis, chemistry and physical properties of oxides, chalcogenides, oxide or hydroxide chalcogenides (e.g. Li(OH)FeSe above) and oxide pnictides using a range of synthetic techniques, including crystal growth, high pressure synthesis and intercalation chemistry. The synthetic targets may include compounds related to the iron-based high temperature superconductors such as the intercalation compounds (pictured) of iron selenide.

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