Dr. Richard M. Palin

Associate Professor of Petrology

Department of Earth Sciences
University of Oxford, Oxford, OX1 3AN
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 1865 610512
Email: richard.palin[at]earth.ox.ac.uk

Rocks are records of events that took place at the time they formed. They are books. They have a different vocabulary, a different alphabet, but you learn how to read them.” – John McPhee



Research group and visitors



Short biography

I completed my DPhil (PhD) at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford, UK, in 2013, where I studied the thermal and structural evolution of parts of the Himalayan Range and Tibetan Plateau. Please see my Research and Publications sections for further information. I then worked as a lecturer and postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute of Geosciences, JGU Mainz, and subsequently joined the Colorado School of Mines, USA, as an Assistant Professor of Metamorphic Geology. I have now returned at last to Oxford as the Associate Professor of Petrology. Please see my Teaching section for more information and my Links for additional material of interest.

I frequently review for many journals, including Nature, Scientific Reports, Nature Communications, Nature Geoscience, Geology, Journal of Metamorphic Geology, and Journal of Petrology (and many others). I am an Associate Editor for the journal Geoscience Frontiers and Earth Science, Systems, and Society (ES-cubed), and on the editorial board for Precambrian Research and the Journal of Metamorphic Geology. I am also on the committee of the Metamorphic Studies Group of the Geological Society of London.

I have on-going collaborations with many researchers worldwide, including those at the Colorado School of Mines, USA; the University of Cambridge, UK; the University of St Andrews, UK; the Earth Observatory, Singapore; Simon Fraser University, Canada; China University of Geosciences, Beijing (CUGB), and others.

Research interests

I am principally a metamorphic petrologist, but frequently integrate geochemistry, isotope geochronology, and structural geology into my work. My major research interests include (but are not limited to):

Process- or technique-oriented studies:
  • The mechanisms and physico-chemical effects of fluid–rock and melt–rock interactions in different metamorphic environments and geodynamic settings (cf. Palin et al., 2014b; Palin et al., 2016b; Palin et al., 2017; Wade et al., 2017 – Nature; Hernandez-Uribe and Palin, 2019a; Hernandez-Uribe and Palin, 2019b – Scientific Reports; Hernandez-Uribe et al., 2019  Geology).
  • Developing and testing new activity–composition (a–x) relations and computational techniques for use in petrological phase equilibrium modeling (cf. Green et al., 2016; Palin et al., 2016a; Hernandez-Uribe and Palin, 2019)
  • Early-Earth evolution, and secular changes in metamorphism and tectonic styles since the Archean (cf. Palin & White, 2016 – Nature Geoscience; Palin et al., 2016c; White et al., 2017; Wade et al., 2017 – Nature; Piccolo et al., 2019; Palin et al., 2020  Earth-Science Reviews; Palin and Santosh, 2021 Gondwana Research; Hernandez-Montenegro et al. 2021  Scientific Reports).
  • The geology and geological evolution of terrestrial (rocky) bodies in our solar system, including 4 Vesta, Mars, and the Moon (cf. Wade et al., 2017 – Nature; Cone et al., 2020).
Studies of regional interest:

I have performed a number of field- and laboratory-based investigations on rocks from the Himalayan–Karakoram–Tibetan orogen that have produced quantitative models that have constrained the timing and nature of growth and deformation of parts of the Indian and Asian tectonic plates.
I have an active interest in the geology of the United Kingdom, and have performed fieldwork investigating deep-crustal granulites from Glen Muick (northeast Scotland) and Assynt (northwest Scotland), and ophiolites and their associated metamorphic sole from the Lizard Complex, Cornwall, southwest England.


I have published numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles in ISI-indexed journals, which have been cited approximately 3100 times. My h-index is 30. For full and up-to-date citation data, please refer to my Google Scholar profile. PDFs of my first-author 'Author Accepted Manuscripts' are available for download on my ResearchGate profile page, all of which comply with publisher sharing policies. IF = impact factor at time of publication.


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Research group and visitors

Current students at Oxford

Tobermory Mackay-Champion, DPhil (PhD) candidate (Oxford, UK)

Toby will investigate the geodynamic and thermodynamic processes of Cu-Co ore body formation in the Katanga Basin, Central Africa as part of the NERC Copper Basin Exploration Science (CuBES) team. CuBES will determine the crustal framework of the Katanga basin by conducting passive seismic experiments along a profile of the basin in Zambia. These geophysical data will be used in tandem with structural field observations, metamorphic petrology and U-Pb geochronology to formulate an integrated and coherent process-driven evolution of the Katanga Basin and its Cu-Co pathways and ore bodies.

Lot Koopmans, DPhil (PhD) candidate (Oxford, UK)

Lot will investigate the petrogenesis Li-Cs-Ta (LCT) pegmatites which crystallized around the Archean-Proterozoic boundary by using phase equilibrium modelling and isotope geochemistry. He hopes use insights gained from LCT pegmatites to constrain crustal evolution processes in the Early Earth.

Felix M. H. Sihombing, DPhil (PhD) candidate (Oxford, UK)

Felix will investigate several machine learning tools for mineral exploration purposes. Some topics that will be studied are how the Graph Neural Network (GNN) algorithm can be utilised in mineral exploration, and the use of unsupervised machine learning for solving various mineral exploration problems.

Felix's webpage can be found here https://staff.blog.ui.ac.id/felix.sihombing/

Isabelle Goddard, Masters student (Oxford, UK)

Jamie Church, Masters student (Oxford, UK)

Lottie Robinson, Masters student (Oxford, UK)

Hector Skipworth, Masters student (Oxford, UK)

Current visitors at Oxford

Dr Jin Liu, Associate Professor, Jilin University, China

Jin is an Associate Professor at Jilin University, China, and his current research interests mostly include Archean and Paleoproterozoic geodynamics/tectonic processes, including dating the onset of subduction in the geological record and understanding the petrogenesis of TTG magmas in non-plate tectonic environments. He currently focuses on the Eoarchean-Nesoarchean tectothermal events in the North China Craton, and aims to establish the evolution process from ancient continental nucleus to final cratonization.

Jin is visiting the research group, funded by the China Scholarship Council, for 12 months.

Bing Yu, PhD candidate, China University of Geosciences Beijing (CUGB), China

Past students

PhD/DPhil students
Masters students
  • Lewis Llyod (MESc, Oxford, UK)
  • Hannah Worthington (MESc, Oxford, UK)
  • William Osborne (MESc, Oxford, UK)
    • Research project: "Metamorphic history of Earth’s oldest rocks: the Nuvvuagittuq Greenstone Belt"
  • Josh Evans (MESc, Oxford, UK)
    • Research project: "Petrogenesis of the Kennack Gneiss and other felsic intrusions in the Lizard Ophiolite, Cornwall, UK"
  • Annabel Elleray (MESc, Oxford, UK)
    • Research project: "Plate tectonics on other planets: a stochastic analysis of exoplanet mineralogy and composition"
  • Andrea Distel (MS, 2021, CSM, USA)
    • Dissertation: "Magmatic processes on the asteroid 4-vesta: implications for differentiation of small rocky bodies". Now a PhD student at ASU, USA.
  • Miranda Lehman (MS, 2020, CSM, USA)
    • Dissertation: "Taking the tectonothermal pulse of Mesoproterozoic metamorphism." Now a PhD student at CSM, USA
  • Trevor Copple (PM, 2020, CSM, USA)
    • Dissertation: "Analyzing mineral assemblages for metamorphic facies of the Flambeau deposit in northern Wisconsin."
  • Zachary Palmer (MS, 2019, CSM, USA)
    • Dissertation: "The nature and timing of metamorphism within the San Isabel granite aureole, Wet Mountains, south Colorado". Now working as an exploration geologist.
  • Hannah Cayes (MS, 2019, CSM, USA)
    • Dissertation: "Formation of topaz-enriched gneiss in the east-central Colorado front range via crystallization of Mesoproterozoic halogen-rich granitic magmas." Now working as an exploration geologist.
  • Yves Feisel (MS, 2017, JGU-Mainz, Germany)
    • Dissertation: "New constraints on granulite facies metamorphism and melt production in the Lewisian Complex, northwest Scotland." Now a PhD student at JGU Mainz. See Feisel et al. (2018; JMG)
  • Rudolf Legler (MS, 2017, JGU-Mainz, Germany)
    • Dissertation: "Petrological investigation of the Lizard Ophiolite Complex, England."
  • Maik Steinmark (MS, 2017, JGU-Mainz, Germany)
    • Dissertation: "Quantitative Texture Analysis of an Ophiolitic Dyke at the Bay of Coverack, Cornwall (SW-England)."
Undergraduate student research projects
  • Hannah Worthington (2020, Oxford, UK)
  • Lauren Miller (2019, CSM, USA)
  • Lauren Martin (2018, CSM, USA)
  • Jacob Tarpley (2018, CSM, USA)
  • Josie Kinzie (2017, CSM, USA)
  • Tanja Wald (2017, JGU Mainz)
  • Georg Reuber (2016, JGU Mainz)
  • Lorenzo Candiotti (2016, JGU Mainz)
  • Abdul Bari-Sayed (2016, JGU Mainz)
  • Alexander Schmidt (2015, JGU Mainz)
  • Florian Furhmann (2015, JGU Mainz)


University of Oxford (2020 onwards)
  • Plate Tectonics (Michelmas term 2021; ~18 students. 3rd Year)
  • Metamorphic Petrology (Hillary term 2020, 2021; ~35 students, 2nd Year).
Colorado School of Mines (2017–2019)
  • GEGN307 – Petrology (Spring 2019; ~10 students, 3 credit hours).
  • GEOL498A – Planetary Geology (Fall 2018; ~20 students, 3 credit hours).
  • GEOL498A – Introduction to Plate Tectonics (Spring 2018; ~10 students, 3 credit hours).
  • GEOL525A – Principles of Metamorphic Geology (Fall 2017; ~20 students, 3 credit hours).
JGU Mainz (2014–2017)
  • 09.065.010 – Principles of Earth Sciences (GEOS 1r. Earth Systems) (1st year undergraduate level).
  • 09.065.060 – Maps and Cross Sections (GEOS 2.5 Geology 2) (2nd year undergraduate level).


Goldschmidt 2023, Lyon
Session: 4dO1 - Crust formation, differentiation and stabilization on the early Earth: a metamorphic perspective
Presentation: The troublesome petrogenesis of Archean TTG magmas: current understanding and future directions (Richard Palin)
File: Papers/Palin_16061_oral.pptx        Papers/Palin_16061_oral.pdf