In Hilary Term 2022, I am organising an online seminar on the Langlands Program, as preparation for the Arizona Winter School and the IHES Summer Program on the Langlands Program. It is sort of a baby version of the Automorphic Project Seminar, which I would also recommend attending if you are interested in the area! If you wish to attend please send me an email.

Date Speaker Topic Notes
25/01/22 George Introduction and Organisation Here
01/02/22 Havard Algebraic Groups Here
08/02/22 Arun Number theoretic background To come
15/02/22 Louis Automorphic Forms To come
22/02/22 TBD Adelisation of Classical Automorphic Forms To come
01/02/22 George Automorphic Forms on Unitary Groups To come
More to Come!

The main references will be:

More references can be found on my resources page.