Wednesday 5 October 2016 at Nuffield College

A "DisCont" event in the framework of the European Research Council AdG 694262

Sponsored by Department of Economics and Nuffield College

Organisers: Francesco Billari and Bent Nielsen,

Venue: Nuffield College, Large Lecture Room
Talks: 30 min + 10 min discussion

9.30-11.00: Methods 1
Bent Nielsen (Oxford/Economics): Introduction
Jonas Harnau (Oxford/Economics): Over-dispersion
María Dolores Martínez Miranda (Cass/Statistics): (1) A simple benchmark for mesothelioma projection for Great Britain. (2) Continuous time
11.30-13.00 Applications in demography and sociology
Francesco Billari (Oxford/Sociology): Age-Period-Cohort Analysis of Fertility—A realistic approach
Christiaan Monden (Oxford/Sociology): `Trends' in health and mortality
14.00-16.00: Applications in politics
Rosalind Shorrocks (Oxford/Sociology): Investigating gender-generation gaps using age-period-cohort analysis
Elias Dinas (Oxford/Politics): The Ideological Shadow of Authoritarianism
Anja Neundorf (Nottingham/Politics): The legacy of authoritarian regimes on democratic citizenship
16.30-18.00: Methods 2
Zoe Fannon (Oxford/Economics): Cross section
Bent Nielsen (Oxford/Economics): A 2-sample model