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General untechnical papers

Are all Religions equally salvific? 

The Existence of God

Mind-Body Dualism  

God and Morality

Why Hume and Kant were mistaken in rejecting natural theology

Problem of Evil

Christian moral teaching 
(lecture given at 2016 SCP conference) 

Papers from Philosophical Journals

Relations between Universals, or Divine Laws? (2006)

God as the Simplest Explanation of the Universe (2011)

What kind of necessary being could God be? (2012)

What difference does God make to morality (2008)

Substance Dualism (2009)

What does the Old Testament mean? (2010)

Evidence (2011)

Dualism and the determination of action (2011)

Could Anyone Justifiably Believe Epiphenomenalism? (2011)

The Coherence of the Chalcedonian Definition of the Incarnation (2011)

Bayes, God, and the Multiversse (2012)

Why Hume and Kant were mistaken in rejecting Natural Theology (2012)

How to Determine the True Theory of Personal Identity (2012)

Responsiblity , Atonement , and Forgiveness (2013)

Gregory Palamas and Our Knowledge of God (2013)

The Probability of the Resurrection of Jesus (2013)

Responses to Controversies

Response to a Statistical Study of the Effect of Petitionary Prayer

Response to Dawkins' The God Delusion  

Response to Plantinga's Argument from Dwindling Probabilities

*Response to Briggs, Steane & Halvorson

Corrections and Addenda to Books

Correction to Responsibility and Atonement

Corrections to  Mind, Brain, and  Free Will

Corrections to  The Coherence of Theism (2nd Edition)

Corrections to Are We Bodies or Souls

Addendum to The Resurrection of God incarnate

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