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What is Map Run?

MapRun is an app that allows you to do timed orienteering courses without the need for physical controls. “MapRunF” can be downloaded on most smartphones and uses GPS to track your progress; just download your course, press “Start” and your phone will notify you when you reach each control. Oh, and all the courses are FREE!

How to use MapRunF

MapRunF is available for download from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. When you open the app for the first time you will be asked to enter some details (and accept T&Cs) before you go to the main menu. To get orienteering you can choose:

Events Near Me
This will show the closest events
Select Event
Take you pick of courses from all over the world! It might be easier to choose one in Oxford though so pick the folders UK > Thames Valley > OUOC. The local club Thames Valley Orienteering Club have lots of other courses in the Thames Valley folder so feel free to give them a try too. Once you have picked your event select go to start and it will show you a map with your location and the start triangle to help you get to the start. Once you get there your time starts and away you go!

Our Courses

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Weekly Training

Each week we will release a new course that you can do whenever you like. We’ll also aim to host a coaching session at the start/finish of the courses so that if you want a bit more coaching or advice, or just want to say hi then feel free to come along. Find this [term/year’s] weekly course links and pdf copies on the resouces page.

Other Training Courses

We will also plan a selection of extra training courses around the city for those looking to get more specific orienteering training although we won’t have any organised coaching sessions for them. Find them on the resources page.