OUOC Port Meadow Inaugural Event
4th June 02 - Results
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Timer's Comments
Thanks to Ian Cumpstey, for mapping what must be Oxford's largest and newest orienteering area, and planning and organising a great training event this evening. Port Meadow is a very distinctive area, and credit is certainly due to Ian for giving us a challenging course on an area with such low-lying features - 'hanging' the kites on the ground meant that despite the small scale of most features, one really needed to be totally precise with navigation to avoid getting caught out. Well done to the winner, Luke McNeill, for catching Ed and showing him how to find controls in the super-complex Nature Reserve area of the map! The lovely weather (a warm summer's evening, see pictures) certainly helped everyone enjoy themselves.

Position Name Start Finish Time
1st Luke McNeill 19:25:00 19:58:10 33:10
2nd Ed Catmur 19:23:00 19:57:53 34:53
3rd Chris Millard 19:21:00 20:00:14 39:14
4th Pippa Whitehouse 19:15:00 20:58:10 43:10
5th Ollie O'Brien 19:12:00 20:01:14 49:14
6th Anne Osborne 19:19:00 20:11:54 52:54
7th Steve Fisher (JOK) 19:17:00 20:09:51 52:57
8th Ant Walker (JOK) 19:29:00 20:29:10 60:10
9th Rachael Holmes 19:10:00 20:10:40 60:40
10th Liz Cross (JOK) 19:31:00 20:32:30 61:30
11th Luke Woodward 19:27:00 20:45:30 78:30

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