OUOC Cuppers 2003 (15th June) - Results

It was a far nicer day than last year's event, and the good weather seems to have attracted more teams than in the last few years. No less than four full teams took part, and the Worcester College team, captained by club treasurer Anne Osborne, robbed the mighty (ahem) St Catz of the trophy they had been guarding for the last two years by virtue of having the only team. Congratulations to Chris Davidson (non-member! join!) for being the fastest man around the course, Becky Carlyle for being the fastest woman, and Nick Widdows of Exeter College for being the fastest novice. Apologies to Tom Cochrane -- initially, we thought he had won with a time of 21:34, but thanks to some dodgy arithmetic from ex-pres Matt, this wasn't the case.

Thanks to Steve Fisher for planning this year's course, to Matt and Christine and everyone else who helped out at the start, and Tom C and Matt for gathering controls.

Individual results are given in the table below. Note that women have had 20% deducted from their actual time to form their Handicap time.

PositionNameCollegeStartFinishTimeHandicap Time
1Chris DavidsonWorcester12:00:0012:21:5621:5621:56First Man
2Becky CarlyleWadham12:27:0012:54:4427:4422:11First Woman
3Anne OsborneWorcester12:48:0013:15:5227:5222:17
4Tom CochraneExeter12:23:0012:45:3422:3422:34
5Matt DillinghamSt Catz12:13:0012:35:3722:3722:37
6Ed CatmurJesus13:14:0013:37:2523:2523:25
7Chris MillardLincoln12:39:0013:03:0724:0724:07
8Luke WoodwardTrinity12:33:0013:01:3028:3028:30
9Katherine AskerMerton12:57:0013:38:1641:1633:00
10Ian WebbUniversity12:21:0013:55:0334:0334:03
11Nick WiddowsExeter12:36:0013:10:4834:4834:48First Novice
12Christine JonesSt Hughs13:07:0013:52:1145:1136:08
13Skylar PaulichWadham12:18:0013:00:2542:2542:25
14Rach O'NeillExeter12:16:0013:15:5359:5347:54
15Tom SutherlandWadham12:11:0013:01:4050:4050:40
16David SpofforthWorcester12:25:0013:15:4950:4950:49
17Sam GrahamExeter12:09:0013:01:3452:3452:34
18Jan SielarckSt Catz12:02:0012:55:1053:1053:10
19Will LindsayWadham12:23:0013:22:5159:5159:51
20Abi MacdonaldWadham12:14:0013:38:2384:2367:30
21Lucy CarrExeter12:30:0014:25:29114:2991:35
22Ryan MooreSt Catz12:04:0013:38:2194:2194:21

College Team results
PositionCollegeHandicap Time
4St. Catz170:08

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