Permanent Orienteering Course
Inaugural Event
University Parks, Oxford

To inaugurate our new Permanent Orienteering Course (POC) we held an informal event. This event was part of National Outdoor Week 2003. Despite cloudy weather, twenty-eight people turned up and ran. NOW 2003

The format was a 30-minute score event. As well as the 24 permanent course posts, there were four hidden bonus controls to find. Map fragments detailing their location were attached to various posts. Controls 1 to 8, the controls on the easy course, were worth 10 points each, numbers 9 to 15 (medium) 20 points each, numbers 16 to 24 (hard) 30 points each, and the four bonus controls were each worth 40 points. Unfortunately, one of these bonus controls was stolen, to the chagrin of many people, so it was decided that at most three of them were to count. Even if you managed to visit all four, you would only score 120 points from them.

Your score was deducted one point for every 3 seconds you were late back, but you gained an 'early-bird' bonus point for every 10 seconds you had left.

Results are as follows:

PosNameClassStartFinishTimeScoreTime +/-Final Score
1Neil CumpsteyStudent16:35:0016:55:5020:50610+54664
2Ed CatmurStudent16:00:0016:21:3821:38610+50660
3Rob HartSenior16:25:0016:47:4322:43610+43653
4John CrossSenior16:45:0017:10:3925:39610+26636
5Ian WebbStudent16:15:0016:41:1026:10610+23633
6Dave CurrieSenior16:35:0016:54:3119:31570+62632
7Hedley ProctorSenior16:00:0016:26:3526:35610+20630
8Jon MarsdenSenior16:20:0016:48:3728:37610+8618
9Duncan ArcherSenior16:25:0016:47:1122:11570+46616
10Luke WoodwardStudent16:05:0016:34:3629:36610+2612
11Anne OsborneStudent16:10:0016:33:4823:48570+37607
12Becky OsborneSenior16:45:0017:11:2826:28570+21591
13Steve FisherSenior16:35:0017:02:1827:18570+16586
14Christine CurrieStudent16:35:0017:06:1331:13610-25585
15Martin RidwellsSenior17:00:0017:27:3427:34570+14584
16Tim SmithSenior16:35:0017:02:5127:51570+12582
17Jan QuayleSenior16:30:0016:58:3728:37570+8578
18Mike GarvinSenior16:10:0016:33:4723:47540+37577
19Ant WalkerSenior16:20:0016:49:2629:26570+3573
20James RyderStudent16:10:0016:37:0527:05530+17547
21Gary MillsSenior16:35:0017:01:2826:28500+21521
22John EmeleusSenior16:45:0017:11:3926:39490+20510
23Ali KempsonSenior16:30:0016:58:4328:43490+7497
24Simon Nickau +1Group16:00:0016:28:4928:49480+7487
25Michelle RyderStudent16:00:0016:26:4426:44420+19439
26Heather WaltonSenior16:40:0017:09:1529:15410+4414
27John McKeaneStudent16:30:0017:12:5942:59490-260230

Thanks to Matt, Jeanne, Christine, Becky, Luke M and Julian for helping out on the day. Apologies for one of the bonus controls getting nicked, and for one of the map fragments being hard to read. Well done to Neil, Ed and Rob for leading the table. Finally, a special mention goes to John McKeane who didn't realise this was a score event and proceeded to find all 24 controls in order!

For orienteers who didn't make it to the event, our POC Maps are now available for purchase by emailing our secretary at: secretary at

Oxford University Orienteering Club are grateful to Jesus Orienteering Klubb (JOK) for the financing of the POC. For more information about the POC, please see our page here. JOK's webpages are here.

Thames Valley Orienteering Club (TVOC) held a colour-coded event at Shotover Park, East Oxford, the following morning. Results for this event are here.

View of the lake in University Parks, 
during the winter floods.

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