Michaelmas Term 2014

Varsity Match 2009 - Anne Edwards at the spectator control

Dates of Term: Sunday 12th October - Saturday 6th December

0th week
  • Sunday 12th October - Introductory Event, University Parks
1st week
  • Tuesday 14th October - Oxford Street-O Series
  • Sunday 19th October - South Central League, Kingswood (45min away)
2nd week
  • Sunday 26th October - South Central League, Black Park (55min away)
3rd week
  • Saturday 1st November - Winchester Urban, Winchester (1h away)
  • Sunday 2nd November - November Classic, Kings Garn Gutter (1h 30min away or 30min from Winchester)
4th week
  • Saturday 8th November - SN Regional, Mytchett (1h 15min away)
5th week
  • Sunday 16th November - BADO SCOA League, Pamber Forest (1h 5min away)
6th week
  • Wednesday 19th November - Oxford Street-O Series
  • Sunday 23rd November - CHIG Regional, Epping NW (1h 35min away)
7th week
  • Sunday 30th November - OK Nuts Trophy, Wisley (1h 5min away)
8th week
  • Saturday 6th December-Saturday 13th December - Planned Training Tour
9th week
  • Sunday 14th December - CSC Final, Long Valley North (1h 15min away)

If there are any events you'd like to go to not already on the termcard, please don't hesitate to contact a member of the committee. Even if the club is unable to take a minibus, it is quite possible we will be able to arrange a car or a lift with friendly members of Thames Valley OC or JOK (Oxford University Alumni).

British Relay Championships 2007 - Men's Start

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