Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2002
of Oxford University Orienteering Club

Held on Wednesday 8th May 2002 at 8pm in Bernard Sunley Room A, St Catz.

Meeting commenced at 20.17

Caroline Catmur, Tom Mitchell, Pippa Whitehouse, Ian Cumpstey, Oliver O'Brien, Huw Arthur, Luke Woodward, Rachael Holmes, Anne Osborne, Chris Millard, Rob Palmer, Matt Dillingham, Tom Cochrane, Luke McNeill, and Ed Catmur (eventually)

Speeches from outgoing officers

President - Tom Mitchell
Tom said how this time last year he'd never have imagined what a fantastic year we'd have - the club has bounced back from the effects of foot and mouth and it's been great to see so many people going to so many events. He thanked all of the committee - Caroline for organising stuff, Matt for all the great socials, Rachael's wonderful training week, Pippa for pulling in lots of women, Ollie for keeping the accounts in the black despite a few minibus incidents, and Chris for keeping us all up to date with results and maillists. It's also been great to see so many new people of all standards, from beginners such as Jindong up to Ed and Anne who've been orienteering for a while - we have a good mix of athletic ability, and the strength of the club was reflected in the Busa league results which we won on weight of people; also it's great to see so many in the bus every weekend. Then we had a great time in Sweden, and despite the result it was really good to have so many people over there. It's very difficult to train for terrain like that and our training obviously paid off at the JK, Busa and the British Champs as the recent good results show.

Secretary - Caroline Catmur
Kai said she'd had a good year and organised lots of stuff and apologised for bitching at people occasionally about replying to emails about events. She thought the year had been really successful for the club and she'd particularly enjoyed all the events over the Easter holidays, and she was very pleased with the strong turn out at events in the first two terms. And she's really looking forward to Italy!!!

Treasurer - Ollie O'Brien
It's been a very expensive year - we've been to possibly a record number of events, we have £1,386.02 left in the bank assuming everyone pays up - obviously the big expense of the year was the Sweden trip, which was definitely worthwhile!

Training Officer - Rachael Holmes
Rach said we'd had several good productive training days and the pre VM week was very good, the early morning runs were a good plan but she isn't sure if they'll continue…

Information Officer - Chris Millard
Chris didn't have much computing knowledge when he started - he'd like to thank Ian for the crash course in HTML and Ollie for updating the website since Easter. The mailing lists are up to 73 on ouoc-all, 40 on the crap list and around 70 jokers. Membership is up to over 40, and the website has been updated, particularly the ‘what is orienteering' page being updated to include e-punching, and a new code of conduct and a risk assessment going up there.

Social Officer - Matt Dillingham
Matt was surprised that people weren't expecting so many socials, but they were lots of fun, if no-one can remember them then he was clearly doing a good job! (ah but just because we can't remember what went on, doesn't mean we can't work it out…)

Women's Captain - Pippa Whitehouse
We had at least 8 different girlies orienteering at various points this year, and we won the postponed VM which wasn't expected, but unfortunately we all got a bit lost in Sweden. We do need more women to come orienteering - the blokes need to pull some more girlies and get them to come along!

Adoption of minutes from the 2001 AGM

We didn't fine people for talking about rowing but everything else seemed to happen. We won the rescheduled varsity match _ We got Nick to organise the VM in Sweden, we did try to investigate holding Busa but it clashed with everything the army wanted to do so we couldn't do it, so Edinburgh ended up doing it. And Rachael's photos didn't get sent to her coach.

Alterations to and Ratification of the Constitution

  • Section 1 should read: '...The Club's objects are the support, development, improvement and promotion of orienteering in the University of Oxford and the income and the property shall be applied solely to those objects.'

  • Throughout, 'The relevant governing body' should read 'The British Orienteering Federation (BOF).'

  • Addition to Section 18 (n). '18. The Secretary shall:...
    (n) Complete trip registration forms for all club trips to outside the Oxford City boundary'
  • Section 24 must be changed from:
    '24. The Senior Member shall:
    1. be the director of sport;
    2. be a member of the committee ex officio'
    '24. The Senior Member shall:
    1. be a member of the committee ex officio;
    2. be a member of the congregation of the university;
    3. provide oversight, if needed, on the general running of the club.'
1 This AGM notes that the Sports Federation has asked that we ratify our constitution. This AGM therefore proposes to ratify the constitution.

Proposed: Oliver O'Brien Seconded: Caroline Catmur

The motion was passed nem con.

Election of new officers

Matt Dillingham Proposed: Tom Mitchell Seconded: Huw Arthur
Tom said how Matt had organised more socials than anyone could remember and was a great asset to the club. Matt said he was really keen, had got used to the oxford bureaucracy, and his focus will be on building up team spirit - and we already have great team spirit here. As long as everyone has a good time it doesn't really matter how we do but Matt still wants to win! Although Matt isn't the most experienced of orienteers, he knows what goes on in the club and he reckons he can do a good job! The club has really grown in the last year and he wants to build on that over the beginning of next year. Huw said that Matt is an integral part of the club and he'll be good.
After an animated discussion about what exactly Matt got up to after the annual dinner, he was elected nem con.

Ollie O'Brien Proposed: Caroline Catmur Seconded: Tom Mitchell
Kai said that Ollie was organised, knew about the weird ways of organising orienteering events and had lots of time on his hands what with being a 4th year physicist. Ollie said he now had a laptop and therefore in the pattern of the last 3 secretaries was clearly eligible to be secretary, and he's been around for 4 years so he knows what's going on. Also he wants to send emails about something other than begging for money. Tom said Ollie knew what he was letting himself in for as he'd heard kai bitching about it all year so he should be fine.
Ollie's Scottish roots were still disputed, said Pippa, but despite this possible slur on his character he was elected nem con.

Ed Catmur Proposed: Tom Mitchell Seconded:
Tom said that we were fortunate that Ed had joined OUOC because of his great results, and that he had immersed himself in the club. He would be a good treasurer as he does maths, he has current treasurer Ollie's trait of turning up 5 mins late and knows stuff about computers. Ed said he knew how to add up and was in the process of learning how to take away. Ed had been a treasurer for a scout group at home and therefore knew how to do accounts and pester people who won't pay up and he isn't phased by computers. And he apologised for being late, he was asleep.

Huw Arthur Proposed: Matt Dillingham Seconded: Oliver O'Brien
Matt said that since France last year Huw has really got involved in the club, and he's been wanting to be involved in the committee for some months now. Huw said he had enjoyed being in the club and wanted to be involved in helping run it, he was treasurer at school in the 6th form so knows what's going on and he can write spreadsheets and owns a calculator. Ollie said that Huw turns up on time which is better than him.

Ian said that none of the last treasurers carried on orienteering (Louise, Neil, Kate, Pete) and could we expect this to apply to either of the candidates? Huw said he was really into orienteering at the moment and Ed said that he wouldn't have any british squad things to get in the way next year so would be able to join in with more club stuff. Pippa said would whoever lost be happy to go for information officer? Ed said yes, Huw said he didn't know but he would have a go.
Ed: 2 votes; Huw: 10 votes; one abstension.

Tom Cochrane and Chris Millard
Tom and Chris decided to run together for social officers. Tom said that they'd try to keep up the levels of socials to that which Matt had started. Chris said we needed a punting trip. Matt wanted to know what their ideas were; Tom said we would have a club barbeque this term. There was some talk about living out but I don't know what the relevance of that was. Ollie said would there be a Sunday night pub session, Tom said yes if the numbers were there.
The lads were elected nem con.

Pippa Whitehouse Proposed: Caroline Catmur Seconded: Rachael Holmes
Kai said Pip would be great because she'd shown all of us how to orienteer this year! Pippa said she wants to do lots of technical training and that she's happy to go for runs with people. Rachael was a little worried that Pippa said she doesn't believe in training, but Pip said that was only for boring running and that orienteering was great. Tom M said how would she get people training during the week? Pip said she would think about this, the best thing would be to choose a time when people wanted to train and stick to it.
So she was elected nem con.

Women's Captain
Rachael Holmes Proposed: Caroline Catmur Seconded: Pippa Whitehouse
Kai reckoned that Rach would be good because she knew how to apply for full blues which Pippa would clearly be needing soon; Rach said she quite enjoyed women's blues meetings and that she wanted to be more enthusiastic towards all the girlies to get them to come orienteering.
Rachael was elected nem con.

Information Officer
Ian said that Ed would be good because he knows what to do with a computer and it should be all fine since Ollie's recent update to the website.
Ed said he'd do anything to get on the committee so he was elected nem con.

Senior Member
Steve Fisher Proposed: Tom Mitchell Seconded: Caroline Catmur
Tom said we were lucky to have Steve in Oxford because he was both ex-OUOC and ex-JOK president, he has a possibly lifelong job at Trinity College and he was keen to do this.

Steve was elected nem con.

Nomination of Safety Officer from the new committee

Pippa was nominated.


2 This agm recognises the existence of the malingering glory of the underground network that is OCCO. It points out to the OCCO photographer that he is the sole surviving committee member, following the timely demise of Kate Urch (OCCO secretary - actually quite enjoyed orienteering) and Tezza (OCCO prezza, young, UN, AI).
This agm is distressed to have to drag out some of the worst performances it could think of from the dark, damp and yet undergrowth-free Swedish forests. Nevertheless, it observes that there were many, and that in particular, Mr Colin Tinto smashed the 3 hour barrier that is the automatic OCCO qualification time.
This agm therefore feels compelled to demand that the OCCO photographer welcome Mr Colin Tinto to the Coven, and to consider the applications of all those who think they may have put in a sufficiently bad show. This agm also enquires whether the OCCO committee have any plans for electing a new committee or of holding one of those legendary OCCO dinners that we may have heard about.

Proposed: Ian Cumpstey Seconded: Caroline Catmur

Ollie said a dinner sounded good. None of the rest of us really knew what Ian was going on about but we decided that Colin should be admitted to OCCO. Ollie said he did have plans for a dinner. Everyone agreed with the motion because they wanted to come to the dinner.
The motion was passed nem con.

3 This AGM notes that club lunch has been well attended this year and has been using a new system of £1 per person. This AGM notes, however, that it might be necessary to increase the amount charged.
This AGM therefore decides to retain this system indefinitely once a price has been agreed on.

Proposed: Matt Dillingham Seconded: Caroline Catmur

Matt said that this term numbers had gone up, so it wouldn't be necessary to change the price, so we should stick to £1. The motion was amended to remove the words ‘once a price has been agreed on'.
The motion was passed nem con.

4 This AGM notes that...
a. There have been around 1000 visits to our website in the last two months.
b. The web address is http://users.ox.ac.uk/~ouoc/
c. That it would be nice to have our own domain name because:
i.  It's cool.
ii. Sponsors (should we ever get any) would like it as it looks professional.
d. That ULOC have their own domain name.
e. That (crucially) CUOC don't have their own domain name.
f. That Easily offer 2 years on an org.uk domain name for £9.99 (which would actually redirect to the old web address but visitors wouldn't need to know that.)

This AGM therefore resolves to:
a. Decide on a domain name to buy (such as www.ouoc.org.uk)
b. Purchase the domain name from a company such as Easily.
c. Set it up so that the club can have non-changing email addresses, such as president@ouoc.org.uk,
    committee@ouoc.org.uk etc.

Proposed: Oliver O'Brien Seconded: Caroline Catmur

We were concerned that the price shouldn't go up too much after the two years. Ian said what would happen if their servers went down, Ollie said that Easily were very reliable. We discussed what the address should be: it should be reasonably short because people would have to type in the email addresses.
Motion passed 1 against.

Luke M proposed and Ian seconded that Ollie should buy www.ouoc.org.uk if it is available and if not he should get back to the committee about it. This was passed nem con.

5 This AGM notes that...
a. The club has a pretty healthy membership at the moment (over 40 members)
b. That it would be nice to have an 'official' club photograph, which amongst other things would demonstrate what a lively bunch we are.
c. That there wasn't an official club photo last year.

This AGM therefore resolves to:
a. Nominate somebody to arrange location, camera, etc on some nice sunny day at the end of this term.
b. All come along and look nice for the photo.

Proposed: Oliver O'Brien Seconded: Caroline Catmur

The motion was passed 1 against because even Ollie can't arrange a sunny day as he demonstrated at Busa. It was decided that Ollie and Pippa would coordinate proceedings.

6 This AGM notes that...
a. It currently costs just £6 a year for new members to join, and £9 a year for existing members.
b. These membership fees have remained frozen at that level since at least 1992, probably earlier.
c. This is excellent value for money.
d. In real terms, £6 and £9 back in 1992 is now equivalent to about £8.10 and £12.20.
e. The club has been to (probably) a record number of events this year.
f. Paying just a pound more would therefore still make it excellent value for money.
g. Some new members have joined this term and so won't have got such amazing value for money.

This AGM therefore resolves to:
a. Increase the membership fee by £1 for new members and existing members, to £7/£10 per year respectively.
b. Consider the membership fee for any members who have first joined the club in Trinity Term to be valid for the following year. (This doesn't apply to 'returning members' however.)

Proposed: Oliver O'Brien Seconded: Caroline Catmur

There was a bit of chat about whether it was actually necessary to increase the membership fee. It was decided to remove section b. and that whether those people joining in Trinity should be charged should be left up to the treasurer at the time.
Motion passed with 1 against, and 2 abstentions.

7 This AGM notes that...
a. Last year at the Freshers' Fair we were beside Cross-Country, in the sporty people area, rather than the 'traditional' outdoors bit.
b. This was a good thing as we are a Blues sport and therefore want to especially attract sporty types.
c. We also got to hang out with the sexy Ice Hockey, and Judo types which made the long hours at the stand more interesting.
This AGM therefore resolves to:
a. Mandate someone (the President) to check that we are in the sporty bit again for next term.

Proposed: Oliver O'Brien Seconded: Caroline Catmur

Matt noted that we wanted ‘especially attractive sporty types' but despite this the motion was passed nem con.

8 This AGM notes that we're putting on an event in 8th week as part of National Orienteering Week. This will need organising, and maybe even more importantly publicising beforehand.
This AGM therefore resolves:
a. to nominate some people to organise this.
b. to encourage everyone to turn up and help on the day, and in particular to publicise it around the university beforehand.

Proposed: Caroline Catmur Seconded: Tom Mitchell

Tom explained that we are doing our national orienteering week event along with the summer series event, and it will be a mass start 3 loop race. We want to get the cross country lot along; hopefully they'll turn up after their champion milers event. Motion passed nem con.
Matt said he'd be overall organiser. Pippa said she'd help, Rachael will make some posters, Tom C says he'll help although he has mods the next week, and Huw will be free to help.

9 This AGM notes that our drivers are very useful people as without them we wouldn't be able to get to events, and that it would probably be a good thing if more people could drive the buses.
This AGM therefore resolves:
a. to thank all the drivers very much for getting everyone to events
b. to encourage everyone who is eligible to pass the minibus test asap.

Proposed: Caroline Catmur Seconded: Tom Mitchell

It was noted that Luke W is taking his test tomorrow. Good luck! Motion passed nem con.

10 This AGM notes that some people only have one set of O-kit and that by the end of a week on tour it will smell!
This AGM therefore proposes to nominate someone to design and order some tour O-kit.

Proposed: Pippa Whitehouse Seconded: Caroline Catmur

Tom C said he'd be happy to sort it out. Pippa said that the jokers will buy some kit if we make it for them. Ed and Rach said that Tom should check out the various options for cheap quality kit.
Motion passed nem con.

11 This AGM notes that Catherine McNeill has very kindly offered to make us a flag/banner type thing and that this is a very good idea as it would look good at freshers' fair and at all the big events we go to.
This AGM therefore resolves:
a. to thank Catherine very much for such a good idea and for the offer of making it;
b. to mandate someone to design said banner/flag

Proposed: Luke McNeill Seconded: Tom Mitchell

Everyone thought it was a great idea especially since the tabs don't have anything like it. Luke will design it.
Motion passed nem con.

Any Other Business

Sponsorship: Ian noted that someone came up to him at Guildford and said he might be interested in sponsoring us but then he changed his mind because he was actually an ex-tab. Apparently there's a certain time of year that is the best to go for when applying for sponsorship. Ollie pointed out that there were two options - we could go for the ‘local pub' or else the ‘big company' route.
Ian nominated and Pippa seconded the nomination of Tom C as sponsorship officer. Passed nem con.

12 This AGM notes that this is getting rather tedious and has gone on long enough.
This AGM therefore resolves to make our way to the bar.

Proposed: by tradition

Ian noted that tradition also dictated that the incoming committee members had to buy the outgoing ones a drink and this was generally agreed to be a good plan.

Meeting closed 22.00

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