Bubble and Squeak
Trinity Term Week 1

6.39pm, Sunday 30th April 2006

Hi All,

As I mentioned at the AGM, I'd like to keep the club informed of everything that's going on with the odd newsletter. At the moment, I haven't got any photos with which to wreck reputations, so you'll have to make do with news from the past week. Here goes...

The AGM happened. In the words of the great Oriel alumni, Sellar and Yeatman, this was a Good Thing. We now have a new committee. I reckon the President's worse than last year's, the Socials Officers will be better, and incumbents of the other positions will be pretty average. And I found out that one former President gets very embarrassed when you quote her from print...

We went to events yesterday and today. Yesterday's middle distance event at Fonthill was notable more for its transportation than anything else. As the minibus hire company had lost our conveyance, Ian and I ended up driving down in executive estates. Apparently Benjamin, Kat, Chris Wroe, Ian, Luke W and I ran courses as well, but that's beside the point really.

Today saw a trip to Frome, where for some crazy reason most of us had decided to run the Elite courses. Chris M finished a rather fast time, while Benjamin, Ian and I were within thirty seconds of each other. In that order. The rest of the results aren't up, but we were joined by Charlotte Boden and Ezra Lutton, who charged round the red course rather successfully, so we are expecting competition anew in the near future.

Finally, I got a sense of deja vu when taking returning the minibus as smoke started pouring from the car in front of me at the petrol station. This meant that the pumps got switched off and I then had to wait for quarter of an hour until the software they were running had been rebooted properly.

That's almost all for now. Just one titbit from the journey back. Apparently our shiny new Social Officer has plans for this term, which may include punt-o, porn-o, and pimp-o. Things should be good...

See you later,

OUOC President, 2006-7

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