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Trinity Term Week 4

4.41pm, Monday 22nd May 2006

Hi Everybody,

It seems that turning up late to the Varsity Match is catching. En route to the Athletics Varsity Match yesterday, the Cambridge coach crashed into the back of a car, causing the match to be delayed. Now, I seem to remember Cambridge having problems before...

There's been a lot happening again this week. Three rather impressive events. A barbecue in the rain. And selections of the GB teams for the Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC). So to kick off, a massive congratulations to Joe Mercer, who was selected to for the JWOC team after a great race in Oban two weeks ago. Helen Gardner also showed herself to be amongst the best in the country and was selected as a reserve.

Kat O's courses at Youlbury were met with general acclaim, and saw Joe and Chris M making the top five once again. Amongst the women, Helen Gardner was first; ahead of TVOC's Junior Squad Member, Anne Edwards. And we welcomed Matt Spencer into the fold, for his first race in a couple of years.

This weekend saw the British Sprint Champs in Milton Keynes and the UK Cup Middle Race at Rowney Warren. Both were wet. In the sprints, Joe Mercer was tenth in the A-final, Chris M was sixteenth of forty-two competitors in the B-final despite only qualifying by the skin of his teeth, and Cerys marked her return to orienteering by falling into a small pond. On Sunday, nobody ran spectacularly, but we went back to Cambridge afterwards where Kat O discovered that Tabs are in fact real people and don't smell quite as bad as we'd led her to believe.

This Tuesday sees the last of the Summer Series events that are within easy cycling distance of Oxford, at Brill. Kat O's coordinating those who want a lift over. The rest of the series haven't been put on the termcard because they're too far for sane people to cycle there, but post on the craplist if you're driving and can offer people a lift!

On Saturday Tim will be repeating last year's informal street race so you barely have to get out of bed to go to an event! Then apparently Cerys is organising a picnic afterwards. Good weather not guaranteed!

Finally, if you can do the Outreach session as detailed in Chris's email, please let him know and turn up. It's really valuable for the club to have people helping at these events, and you get to inspire young minds. How could you have more fun on a Wednesday afternoon?

I dreamed about roundabouts last night. Why does Milton Keynes exist?

OUOC President 2006-7

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