Bubble and Squeak
Trinity Term Week 5

10.02pm, Saturday 27th May 2006

Hi All,

You get the glory of a Saturday edition this week, mainly because I'm bored of revision and partly because there's nothing much happening tomorrow. Anyway, as the term starts to ease off for exams, this is what's hip and what's happening in the world of OUOC...

This week's events were both pretty low-key, but fun. Everybody who went to Brill got stung seemed to be complaining about nettles for days afterwards, and Timmeo organised a rather successful score Street-O today. Results will presumably be winging their way through the ether sometime soon. Anyway, thanks are due.

Away from the running side of things, there were a few successful teams on the river. Jesus II managed to bump five times, which resulted in Helen getting (a) blades and (b) drunk. Henry's boat came close to getting blades but were denied the honour as they failed to bump on Thursday. Scott, the one cox in the club, regaled us all with tales of how his boat kept veering into the bank - apparently this is not the fault of the crew but due to the fact that the boat had been polished on one side and not the other, rather like a spin-bowler's cricket ball. Unfortunately, although his crew perfected this tactic on Thursday, they never managed to demonstrate it whilst bumping as both of their final two races were klaxoned.

There's a Summer Series event near Didcot this Wednesday, which isn't on the term card but a few people may be going to anyway. If you want a lift, or are driving and feel the urge to offer one, email the craplist. Then on Sunday there's an event at Wendover which the club'll be attending and about which Kat should send details at some point in the next few days.

See you all at the pub tomorrow,

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