OUSFG Hilary Termcard 2023

Most of our meetings are on Sundays at 8pm in Jesus College.

See below for details, and sign up for the ousfg-announce mailing list to receive a reminder and details for each meeting.

Please remember that Sunday is the first day of the Oxford Week, so please check the dates below if you are unsure.

15 Jan  Sunday 1st Week Jesus Plans + Werewolf We will start by discussing our plans for the coming term, followed by a game or two of Werewolf. Werewolf is a party game about finding a murderous traitor among our number. We have our own version of the rules, carefully honed over many years.
22 Jan  Sunday 2nd Week Jesus Discussion Collaborative storytelling discussion, Tentacular Vikings takes a theme and runs with it as we all work together to write a story. Last term's epic documented a miners' strike on the surface of the sun. Previous stories have involved Boom Sticks, the real reason the world ended in 2012, the St Giles' Fair's role in keeping freshers from disappearing into parallel dimensions, and finally an explanation for why we keep crashing on that dratted desert planet. Oh yes, and tentacular Vikings.
29 Jan  Sunday 3rd Week Jesus Discussion Do non-standard media allow for novel ways for telling speculative stories?
5 Feb  Sunday 4th Week Jesus Discussion Create a game. We will design a game and play it.
12 Feb  Sunday 5th Week Jesus Discussion World-building discussion, led by Rory.
19 Feb  Sunday 6th Week Jesus Discussion For this week we hope to be discussing the intersection of Horror and SF&F.
26 Feb  Sunday 7th Week Jesus Discussion This week Paulina will be running a discussion on bizarre fiction. Can you write a story by making up random ridiculous ideas and stitching them together? Or just make it appear that way? Moreover, what if it was actually scary? We'll talk about bizarre literature (with examples), and related horror and ask - how seemingly random can a story be to still make sense (or does it even have to?)
5 Mar  Sunday 8th Week Jesus AGM + Werewolf Annual General Meeting, at which we elect next term's committee and have the opportunity to subject the ConstitutionBylaws to not at all frivilous amendements. This will be followed by a game or two of Werewolf.
9 Mar  Thursday 8th Week Balliol CANCELLED! Due to scheduling conflicts and a lack of enthusiasm, we have decided to cancel the Oxford Geek Quiz this term. We are going to attempt to run it next term instead, the provisional date for which is Sunday 5th week (21st May).
For the first time, OUSFG will be hosting in the Oxford Geek Quiz! Please join us and help us compete for the crown of 'the one wot won that year'. Meet at 8pm Balliol Lodge.

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