Sfinx was a magazine of Speculative Fiction produced by members of the Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group.

The stories listed below were published in previous issues. We hope to make the stories themselves available as we obtain permission from the authors (who retain the copyright). Those that are already available can be read by selecting the story title. A full list of Sfinx stories (back to the beginning of time) is also available.

Best of Sfinx (1969-'84)

  • Editorial by Neal Tringham
  • The Ghosts of Luna by Ian Watson (Sfinx 8; old series). This story has also been published in New Worlds 7, ed. Hilary Bailey and Charles Platt (1974) and its US edition New Worlds #6 (1975).
  • Mindsinger by Diana Reed (Sfinx 2; old series)
  • The Vestal Factor by Colin Greenland (Sfinx 10; old series)
  • Necessary Measures by Barbara Mascetti (Sfinx 3; new series)
  • To Lay The Piper by Robert P. Holdstock (Sfinx 7; old series)
  • It's A Free Country by Diana Reed (Sfinx 6; old series)
  • Supernova by Ian Watson (Sfinx 9; old series). A later version of this story was also published as The Roentgen Refugees, in New Writings in SF #30, ed. Ken Bulmer (1977) and The Very Slow Time Machine (1979).
  • In My End Is My Beginning by Niall Ross (Sfinx 1; new series)
  • Sfinx 4 (new series)

  • Editorial by Ivan Towlson
  • In a World of Your Own by Maria Hamilton
  • "But I meant well..." by C.M. Holt
  • The Dream Circuit by David Upshal
  • A Fairy's Tale by Nick Penfold
  • Contracting a Wife by D.P. Martin
  • Time Enough for Politics by Satatope
  • The Man in the Moon by David Upshal
  • "All we have in common..." by Ivan Towlson
  • Sfinx Authors
  • Artwork by Chris Hughes, Barbara Rochford, Shelagh Lewins, Chris Ace and others
  • Sfinx 5

  • Editorial by Mark Davies
  • Roll up! Roll up! by Mo Holkar
  • Intelligence Test by Tim Adye
  • Drifting by C.M. Holt and F.A. Watts
  • Inner Sanctum by David Upshal
  • Corman by Mark Davies
  • A World He Never Made by Capt. W. Digby-Worthington
  • Artwork by Chris Hughes, Alan Jeffery, Wendy Prosser, and Colin Johnson
  • Sfinx 6

  • Editorial by Mo Holkar
  • Mindgames by J.M. Butterworth
  • Breaking the Ice by Chris Ewels
  • A Proud and Noble Race by Chris Ewels
  • Numbers by L.J. Hogan
  • The Atrocity Man by Mo Holkar
  • The Dreaming Spires by Peter Lorge
  • On Principles Of Morality We Are Rebuilding The World by Barbara Mascetti
  • Sfinx 7

  • Changeling by F. Hardinge
  • How to Make a Time Machine by D. Camus
  • Dataspace by P. Sidwell
  • Expulsion by J. South
  • The Ark by Chris Ewels
  • All stories are copyrighted to the individual authors.

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