PADMAC Logo: Unit for the study of Palaeolithic Artefacts andassociated Deposits Mapped as Clay-with-flints 

The PADMAC Unit undertakes the study of:

The PADMAC Unit is a multi-disciplinary geo-archaeological Unit specializing in geology; sedimentology; pedology; Palaeolithic artefact technology; landscape archaeology, spatial analysis and geophysics.

The Unit offers students and researchers an opportunity to investigate geo-archaeological processes implicated in the retention, over geological time, of high-level in situ Palaeolithic sites on Karstic landforms, particularly the Chalk Downlands of southern England, and the genesis, variability and distribution of the associated (English) deposits mapped as Clay-with-flints. Also investigated by the PADMAC Unit are Palaeolithic sites found in similar high-level contexts both in Continental Europe and the Middle East. In many instances, these high-level sites represent the earliest evidence of human occupation - in Britain from around 700,000 to 40,000 years ago and in the Middle East considerably earlier.

The Team, under the direction of Dr Julie Scott-Jackson, have recently developed a Palaeolithic Research Agenda for Qatar as well as carrying out fieldwork.

Dr Julie Scott-Jackson spoke at the ADACH Conference - Archaeology of the UAE. see Conference website for abstract.

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