PADMAC Logo: Unit for the study of Palaeolithic Artefacts andassociated Deposits Mapped as Clay-with-flints 

The PADMAC Unit undertakes the study of:

PADMAC Unit Members

Dr. Julie Scott-Jackson
PADMAC Unit Director, Senior Research Fellow
Specializing in Geology, Sedimentology, Geomorphology and Palaeolithic Archaeology.

Dr. Penny Horlick
PADMAC Unit, Research Fellow
Specializing in Spatial Analysis, GIS.

Dr. William. B. Scott-Jackson
PADMAC Unit, Associate Research Fellow
Specializing in Applied Landscape Archaeology.

Dr. Helen Walkington
PADMAC Unit, Associate Research Fellow (also Oxford Brookes University)
Specializing in Pedology and Sedimentology.

Dr. Jeff Rose
PADMAC Unit, Associate Research Fellow (also Birmingham University)
Specializing in Lithic technology and Human Origins