Calcium in Autonomic Neurons

Keith Lawrence Brain PhD, MB/BS(Hons), BSc(Med)(Hons), BSc, FBPhS

Senior Lecturer (Pharmacology) Institute of Clinical Sciences (& Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences), College of Medical and Dental Sciences,
University of Birmingham

Lecturer (Pharmacology) Christ Church College,
University of Oxford

My research focuses on the role of intracellular calcium in synaptic plasticity and the mechanisms of action of presynaptic (or prejunctional) autoreceptors.

A list of my internationally peer reviewed papers is available, as is a list of published abstracts.

For those less concerned with bandwidth, you may wish to view my publication gallery.

The movie is missing. Sorry Picospritzing ATP onto smooth muscle cells in the mouse bladder causes rapid increases in Ca2+ concentration in nearby cells - an optical method to monitor cellular coupling - S. Kobayter.

The movie is missing. Sorry Simultaneous Ca2+ imaging and electrophysiology in the rat anococcygeus - R. Amos

The movie is missing. Sorry Neuroeffector Ca2+ Transients in smooth muscle cells during nerve stimulation

The movie is missing. Sorry Calcium increases in sympathetic varicosities (sympathetic postganglionic terminal) during and following trains of action potentials

The movie is missing. Sorry Calcium in presynaptic boutons (sympathetic preganglionic terminal) in the rat superior cervical ganglion.

The movie is missing. Sorry Calcium in the chick ciliary ganglion calyciform terminal (parasympathetic preganglionic terminal) following a single action potential.

I have institutional web pages at the University of Birmingham and Christ Church College.

Email: Keith Brain