OUPS offers its members free weekly tuition in term time.

Photographers of all abilities can benefit from these sessions. Classes typically cover a specific theme every week that students decide on together. Students bring in a USB stick or prints, and we discuss them and give advice specific to each photographer. You can bring in photos that are your own, or photos by other photographers that you wish to gain a clearer understanding of. The classes are very varied, and the syllabus normally grows around the students. Sessions can be practical as well as theoretical. You may find yourself in the park learning how to make an interesting photo out of a park bench in one session. In another, you could be in the street during winter learning how to shoot in low light. You might also learn a thing or two about how to make someone look prettier in Photoshop. You do not have to, but it is sometimes helpful to bring your camera along to the classes if you have one.

In addition to beginners’ and technical classes, we usually organise at least one half-day studio session per term. Studio sessions normally require an additional charge and you need to sign up for them in advance.

Your first class is free so you can see what the society is about. Thereafter, classes are free to members and non-members wishing to attend can do so for £2 each time.