Bose-Einstein Condensate Philosophy of Physics
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Active research interests of permenent members of the philosophy of physics group at Oxford include the foundations of quantum mechanics, especially the Everett interpretation, quantum field theory, quantum information theory, statistical mechanics, and space-time theory, especially Newtonian gravity, Machian gravity, and general relativity. They also include general theories of symmetries, structuralism, the history of physics, and topics in the foundations of probability. Research areas of members of the group outside of philosophy of physics include the history of early-modern philosophy, philosophy of science, metaphysics, and rational choice theory.

Our regular weekly forum is the research seminar and, less regularly, the graduate discussion group. The former is usually finalized some three months in advance; visitors and members of the group wishing to present material at short notice usually do so by holding an informal meeting.

For past workshops and conferences in philosophy of physics hosted at oxford, See the back-pages bulletin board.

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