An Archaeo-Metallurgical Bibliography


This bibliography is not comprehensive but simply a short bibliography of archaeo-metallurgically related articles members of the arch-metals list have submitted to me or that I have come across whilst in the various libraries here in Oxford. In the main these date to the period from 1995 onwards. Normally, there are two versions of this bibliography, on situated on the JISC e-mail list server, and another at Oxford. The Oxford version will be more recent but I can not promise that all the links will work as this copy is the Beta test copy.

The bibliography has been split into two sections due to its increased length. Not all links from the index file have been updated.

Here I would like to thank the following members of Arch-metals for help in compiling this list -Thilo Rehren, Ernst Pernicka, Peter Northover, Graham Philip and Ann Colwin.

However, hopefully the coverage will be become more comprehensive with time and help from members of the list. Therefore, please let me know of papers, books, etc to be included in future lists.

There is also an abstracts file which contains the published abstracts kindly provided by the editors of the Journal of the Historical Metallurgy Society, and Archaeometry, together with others provided by the individual authors, or by reviewers of the papers/book etc.

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