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my past and present research students at Oxford and Tübingen


research in progress (working titles)

  • Israel and the United Nations (Keren Michaeli, Israel, Doctor of Philosophy)

  • Corporate Obligations under International Law (Markos Karavias, Greece, Doctor of Philosophy)

  • The Present Status and Application of the Law of Neutrality (James Upcher, Australia, Doctor of Philosophy)

  • Reservations to Normative/Law-Making Multilateral Treaties in International Law (Sherrie Russell-Brown, USA, Doctor of Philosophy)

  • Internationalization of Armed Conflict (Kubo Macak, Slovakia, Master of Philosophy)

  • Regulatory Failures and the Full Protection and Security Standard (Lucas Bastin, Australia, Master of Philosophy)


research successfully completed

  • Regulatory Regionalism and Article XXIV of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (Mehmet Karli, Turkey, Doctor of Philosophy, 2010)

  • State Practice of the Czech Republic: Prohibition of the Use of Force in International Law (René Mirko, Diploma in Diplomatic Studies with Distinction, Winner of the Foreign Service Programme Dissertation Prize, 2010)

  • Responsibility of the United Nations for Wrongful Security Council Non-Forcible Measures (Antonios Tzanakopoulos, Greece, Doctor of Philosophy, 2009), published in the Oxford Monographs in International Law Series under the title Disobeying the Security Council: Countermeasures against Wrongful Sanctions (OUP, 2011)

  • Attribution of Internationally Wrongful Conduct to Corporations (Raghav Shankar, India, Master of Philosophy with Distinction, 2009)

  • Applicability of a Moratorium on National Claims in the South China Sea (Wenqiang Yin, China, Diploma in Diplomatic Studies, Winner of the Foreign Service Programme Dissertation Prize, 2009)

  • The Status of Aves as an Island or Rock under International Law (Kim Emmanuel, St. Lucia, Diploma in Diplomatic Studies, 2009)

  • The Role of Compulsory Jurisdiction in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Akiko Suzuku, Japan, Diploma in Diplomatic Studies, 2008)

  • The International Legal Status of Non-national Minorities (Monica Georghita, Romania, Diploma in Diplomatic Studies, 2007)

  • Dispute Settlement Mechanisms Applicable to the Territorial Dispute Between Venezuela and Guyana (Domingo Blanco-Gutierrez, Venezuela, Diploma in Diplomatic Studies, 2007)

  • Questions Concerning Palau's Outer Continental Shelf (Marvin Ngirutang, Palau, Hamilton Shirley Amerasinghe Memorial Fellow, 2007)

  • Extraterritoriale Terrorismusbekämpfung [Extraterritorial Acts in the Fight Against International Terrorism] (Markus Volz, Germany, Dr. jur. [Doctor of Jurisprudence], summa cum laude, 2006), published by Duncker & Humblot, Berlin, 2007, 459 pp.

  • Reporting as Part of the Security Council Arsenal (Irena Čačić, Croatia, Diploma in Diplomatic Studies, Winner of the Foreign Service Programme Dissertation Prize, 2006)

  • A Legal Framework to Enhance Security of Gas Supplies to India in the Proposed Iran-Pakistan-India Pipeline Project (Anurag Srivastava, India, Diploma in Diplomatic Studies, 2006)

  • The Application of General International Law Principles of State Responsibility in the WTO (Mehmet Karli, Turkey, Master of Philosophy, 2005)

  • The Use of Force Against Terrorist Safe-Haven States (Christopher Curran, New Zealand, Master of Philosophy with Distinction, 2004)

  • European Supranational Constitutionalism (Imrich Marton, Slovakia, Diploma in Diplomatic Studies, Winner of the Foreign Service Programme Dissertation Prize, 2004)

  • Evaluating Legal Mechanisms in Dealing with the North Korean Nuclear Threat (Chang-Ho Yoo, Republic of Korea, Magister Juris, 2004)

  • International Responsibility for Human Rights Violations by American Indian Tribes (Klint Cowan, USA, Distinction, BCL, 2005, published in Yale Human Rights & Development Law Journal 9 (2006), pp. 1-43)

  • Extraterritoriality after 9-11 (Markus Volz, Germany, Magister Juris, 2005)

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