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Axiomatic Theories of Truth

This page contains some updates to my book Axiomatic Theories of Truth, which has appeared with Cambridge University Press 2011. The page of the publisher is here.

In 2014 a revised edition appeared as a paperback.

The new edition lacks the proof of Theorem 8.5. Kentaro Fujimoto found a mistake in my proof and the incorrect proof has been removed. Furthermore, Harold Hodes drew my attention to a mistake in the proof of Theorem 7.8, which was easy to repair. Otherwise there are only minor corrections.

A Polish translation appeared in 2012 under the title Aksjomatyczne teorie prawdy translated by Cezary Cieslinski and Joanna Golińska-Pilarek.

A Chinese translation appeared in 2021 translated by Shao Qiang.

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