john j. lowe

Me Welcome to my website. I am the Associate Professor of Sanskrit at the University of Oxford.

I am currently PI on the project LINGUINDIC, a five-year project funded by the ERC (2020-2025). I was also PI on the project Uncovering Sanskrit Syntax, a three-year Leverhulme Trust funded project (2019-2022).

My research and teaching interests include: Sanskrit language and linguistics, the ancient Indian grammatical tradition, Indo-Iranian comparative and historical linguistics (Vedic Sanskrit, Prakrit, Avestan, Old Persian), syntactic theory, formal semantics, Indo-European comparative philology, Greek and Latin historical linguistics, Germanic comparative and historical linguistics.

I also have a page on Academia, and on ResearchGate. This website is likely to be the most up to date.

My email address is of the form

Last modified 13 May, 2024