Warriors posing

Did you think the Dark Ages were over?

Well, not quite... Deep in the Forest of Wychwood, there remains one small band of warriors, forgotten by time, who still defend their hidden lair against the invaders. Officially known as the Oxford University Historical Re-enactment Society, the Wychwood Warriors are dedicated to recreating aspects of Anglo-Saxon and Viking life in early mediæval England.

What we do

With Wychwood you can...

  • Learn how to fight with replica Dark Age weapons
  • Make your own costume and kit using simple techniques based on up-to-date historical evidence
  • Indulge in our termly eight course feasts featuring ancient cookery and revelries... washed down with copious amounts of ale and mead
  • Join us for a range of social events, including...pub invasions, film nights, trips to historic sites, markets and learning more about the Early Medieval World
  • Crafts and cookouts at Rumwoldstow Anglo-Saxon Monastery
  • Take part in shows involving thousands of reenactors - with living history displays, showfights and teaching the public about Dark Age life and warfare. These include our recent trips to Murton Park near York and our attendance at Vikefest last June


For Michaelmas term 2023 we'll be having a whole range of events for incoming freshers and anyone else interested! You do not need any experience or historical knowledge: we welcome complete beginners, as well as seasoned re-enactors, and everyone in between. Most members are not historians, so you donít need any expertise - just interest in what we do!

Our upcoming activities include...

  • Kitmaking sessions every Thursday where you can make your own Anglo-Saxon or Viking clothing and learn crafts such as tablet weaving, chain-mail making and leather working
  • Battle Practice every Sunday, where you can learn how to fight with swords, spears and plenty more!
  • A Samhain bonfire in third week, with pizza and songs
  • A trip to re-enactors markets in sixth week alongisde to some local historic sites
  • A Dark Age feast in seventh week

Be sure to check our Termcard for the most up to date info on our events. If you would like to find out more about our activities or have any questions, please contact us or just come along to a battle practice!

Your first two weeks of events with us, be they doing kitmaking, battle practice or both are free, with no obligation to join. Thereafter, membership costs £10 for a term or £20 for the year.

Equality and Diversity

Q) Who can join, and are there any restrictions on who can do what?

A) Anybody can join who is either over 18 or else a matriculated member of Oxford University, and who has an interest in recreating life in early mediaeval Britain. We welcome members of any background and are opposed to all forms of discrimination; everything is for everybody. Disability may limit the activities that are safe and enjoyable, but we will work with any member to try to maximise their involvement.

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