This website would not have been possible without the continuing help and enthusiasm of a number of people. Many thanks to everyone involved and to everyone who allowed us to use their photos.

An early record of the Wychwood Warriors

AuthorsMarc Wilkinson
Felix Küllchen
Bruno Luse (Hiring the Wychwood Warriors)
Simon Chadwick (articles on female costume, male costume, fabrics and England in Anglo-Saxon times)
DesignFreya Harrison
Felix Küllchen
Geraldine Fagan
Shelagh Lewins (Wychwood Snakes)
Paul Witty
DrawingsMark Talbot (Wychwood Snakes)
Chris Jardine (Wychwood Warriors)
Simon Chadwick (map of Britain in the ninth century)
ProofreadingRachel Kellett
Jonathan Miller
Mark Talbot
Lucinda Walker
Paul Furnborough
Chris McCloskey