Miriam Klein-Flügge


Postdocs: Matthew Rushworth and Tim Behrens MR TB

PhD: Sven Bestmann and Karl Friston SB KF

PhD rotation projects (UCL): (1) David Attwell and Catherine Hall, (2) Ray Dolan and Tim Behrens RD

MSc rotation projects (Oxford): (1) Heidi Johansen-Berg and Jan Scholz HJB, (2) Matthew Rushworth and Rogier Mars RM

BSc thesis: Keith Worsley and Inge Schwank KW IS

Study abroad: Michael Petrides and Jürgen Germann (MNI, McGill) MP

Internship: Johannes Haushofer and Nancy Kanwisher (Mc Govern Institute, MIT) NK JH

Current and former collaborators

Oxford: Steve Smith, Catherine Harmer, Mike Browning, Jacquie Scholl, Marco Wittmann, Nils Kolling, Helen Barron, Laurence Hunt

Patricia Lockwood (Birmingham) PL

Lennart Verhagen (Nijmegen) LV

Elsa Fouragnan (Plymouth) EF

Gerhard Jocham (Düsseldorf) GH

Bolton Chau (Hong-Kong) BC

Matthew Apps (Birmingham) MA

Molly Crockett (Cambridge/Yale) MC

Alizee Lopez-Persem (Paris) ALP

Jerome Sallet (Lyon/Oxford) JS

Alex Sel (Essex) AS

Yu Takagi (Tokyo) YT

Davide Folloni (New York)

Steve Kennerley (UCL) SK

Will Penny (UEA) WP

Dorothea Hämmerer (Magdeburg) DH


Wellcome Trust

Medical Research Council


Blog post on our 2021 Nature paper on novel choices in macaque medial frontal cortex: link

Coverage of our Nat Comms 2019 article on multiple mechanisms of knowledge acquisition on Oxford News Oxford University News Tech Explorist Neuroscience News

Press release on JNS paper in 2016 on effort-reward trade-offs: link

Jan's juggling study in 2009 showing training induces changes in white matter in the adult human brain:

BBC News The Scientist Oxford Gehirn & Geist


Conference we are organising in Oxford in March 2022 CPPC 2022

The Royal Society's encouragement for all Mothers in science

An amazing singer and friend Ayala

Science and faith - views by Neuroscientist Bill Newsome and NIH director Francis Collins

A really useful command line for the web: yubnub

Beautiful Mendelssohn Piano Trio

An amazing place to live in London Goodenough College