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Juan Guan
Juan Guan

Juan Guan : Publications


2013 Guan, J., Porter, D. & Vollrath, F. - Thermally Induced Changes in Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Native Silks. Biomacromolecules, 14 (3): 930-937 access

2013 Porter, D., Guan, J. & Vollrath, F. - Spider Silk: super material or thin fibre? Advanced Materials, 25 (9): 1275-1279 access


2012 Guan, J., Porter, D. & Vollrath, V. - Silks cope with stress by tuning their mechanical properties under load. Polymer, 53 (13): 2717–2726 access


2011 Guan, J., Vollrath, F. & Porter, D. - Two Mechanisms for Supercontraction in Nephila Spider Dragline Silk. Biomacromolecules, 12 (11): 4030–4035 access


2010 Guan, J., Porter, D., Tian, K., Shao, Z.Z. & Chen, X. - Morphology and mechanical properties of soy protein scaffolds made by directional freezing. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 118 (3): 1658–1665 access

2010 Jiang, X.R., Guan, J., Chen, X. & Shao, Z.Z. - The Preparation of Regenerated Silk Fibroin Directional Scaffolds. Acta Chimica Sinica,, 68 (18): 141-146 access


2009 Guan, J., Xu, H.X., Huang, Y.F., Tian, K., Shao, Z.Z. & Chen, X. - Natural Polymer Electroactive Hydrogel-Soybean Protein/ Carboxymethylchitosan System. Acta Chimica Sinica, 68 (1): 89-94 access

2009 Guan, J., Tian, K., Yao, J.R., Shao, Z.Z. & Chen X. - Preparation of High Molecular Weight Soy Protein Aqueous Solution And Separation of Its main Components. Acta Polymerica Sinica, 2: 250-254 access


2008 Tian, K., Guan, J., Shao, Z.Z. & Chen, X. - Structural and functional study of soybean protein isolation. Progress in Chemistry, 20 (4): 565-573 access



  • 1st place poster prize “How do silks cope with stress?” (1st of 300 through intensive competition), Junior Euromat in Lausanne CH, July 2012
  • 1st place poster prize “The quality of silkworm silks: welfare, behaviour and performance”, Thermal Analysis meeting in Manchester UK, November 2010
  • Green Templeton College Competitive conference fund judged on merit of research (Green Templeton College, September 2012)
  • Green Templeton College learning grants (November 2011 and September 2012)
  • University graduate training fund (through the Department of Zoology, Oxford, July 2012)
  • Chinese Ministry of Education – University of Oxford Scholarship (5 offers in 2009)
  • Screenwriter and director of the winning drama <Qu Yuan> at 2004 annual competition of the best class in Tianjin university

Conferences: Talks and Posters

  1. Talk: Silk quality revealed using Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis (DMTA)
    6th BACSA International Conference: Building Value Chains in Sericulture, 7 April 2013, Padua, Italy
  2. Talk: Spider silk morphology for responsive materials
    Materials Research Society Fall meeting, 26 November 2012, Boston, USA
  3. Talk: How do silks cope with “stress”? Mechanical properties of silks under load
    European Materials Science and Engineering Conference, 26 September 2012, Darmstadt, Germany,
  4. Talk and poster:Silks cope with stress by tuning their mechanical properties under load
    Junior Euromat 2012, 23 July 2012, Lausanne, CH
  5. Talk and poster: Bio-actuation: Mechanisms for supercontraction in Nephila spider silk
    Biofuture 2011, 16 November 2011, Ghent, Belgium
  6. Poster: The quality of silkworm silks: Welfare, behaviour and performance
    Thermal Analysis Meeting 2010, Manchester, UK
  7. Invited talk: Silks bridge between physics and biology
    Junior Researchers’ Club, Zoology department, Oxford, 5 May 2012
  8. Talk: Silks cope with “stress” by tuning their mechanical properties
    Animal Behaviour Research Group seminar, Oxford, 26 April 2012
  9. Talk: Two mechanisms for supercontraction in Nephila spider dragline silk
    Oxford Silk Group meeting for Air Force Office of Scientific Research (USA) lab visit, July 2011
  10. Presentation: ‘Spinning a good yarn’
    Green Templeton College Student Presentations, Oxford, June 2011

Media and Science Engagements

  • Help with filming of TV programmmes in our laboratory, including National Geographic, BBC, Teachers Channel, Dubai TV, Canadian TV
  • Assistant at Human Welfare Conference 2010 at Oxford university (Green Templeton College) and MRS Fall 2012, Boston USA

Other Qualifications and Training

  • English level: IELTS (Internatinal English Language Testing System) 8.0
  • TA Instrument training course on Operation and Data Interpretation of DMA Instrumentation
  • Oxford IT Learning Programme: Excel-Arrays, macros and VBA
  • Oxford IT Learning Programme: Database-Design essentials
  • Oxford IT Learning Programme: Statistics Introduction
  • First Aid Course by George Fell with Oxford University Walking Club


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