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Jean Aitchison - General publications (last five years)

A kerfuffle in a coffee cup. Oxford Magazine (Week 2, Hilary Term, 1998), 3-4.

Don's diary. The Times Higher Education Supplement (29 May 1998).

Variation and change. Introductory article in The Chambers Dictionary (1998), xvii-xix.

Expert questions twins research conclusions. EFL Gazette 22b (November 1998), 10.

Obituary of John Chadwick, The Independent, 4 December 1998.

Roll Dinner address, Girton College Newsletter (1998), 14-16.

Language at war. The Guardian (9 April 1999).

A standard complaint. The Times Higher Education Supplement (21 May 1999).

The ascent of Man into a species that was born to rap. In supplement on ‘The future of talk', The Times (20 July 1999), 4.

Sudden rush of blood defies language debate. Guardian Weekly ('Learning English' supplement, April 2000).

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