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Homeric ánthos. Glotta 41 (1963) 271-8.

The Achaean homeland: Achaifía or Achaifís?. Glotta 42 (1964) 19-28.

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Malapropisms. Paper presented at working group on `Slips of the Tongue and Ear', 12th International Congress of Linguists, Vienna, Aug.-Sept. 1977. (Mimeo).

One of my elephants' birthday is today: the interaction between universal and language specific perceptual strategies. Salzburger Beitrage zur Linguistik 5.

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Agglutinating language, Analytic language, Classification of languages, Competence and performance, Component, Constituent, Description/descriptive, Diachronic and synchronic, Fusional language, Inflected language, Language (with editor), Language Acquisition Device, Language family, Language universals, Langue and parole, Level of language, Linguist, Linguistics, Linguistic sign, Linguistic typology, Malapropism, Marked and unmarked, Metalanguage, Models of language, Natural language, Paradigmatic and syntagmatic, Pragmatics, Progress and decay in language (with editor), Psychology of language, Psycholinguistics, Sapir, Sapir- Whorf hypothesis, Slip of the tongue, Spoonerism, Structural linguistics, Synthetic language, Whorf. Oxford Companion to the English Language edited by T. McArthur (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1992).

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How to handle wimps: Incorporating new lexical items as an adult. (With Diana Lewis.) Folia Linguistica 29 (1-2) (1995), 7-20.

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The media are ruining English. In Language myths edited by L. Bauer & P. Trudgill (London: Penguin, 1998), 15-22.

An ABC (Attractive, Brief, Contemporary) approach to English language and linguistics. In Proceedings of 7th Annual Symposium, Netherlands Society of English Studies (NSES) 7.1 (1999), 7-16.

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Standardisation: Is is desirable? Is it possible? Franco-British Studies: Journal of the British Institute in Paris 30 (2000), 5-12.

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