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Workshop resources and web links
for workshop held @ University of Durham
14th July.

The links below are to presentations or resources produced for the workshop and to software and web resources demonstrated or discussed during the workshop sessions.

The CALMA (Computer-Assisted Learning for Musical Awareness) project exhibited during the workshop.

Using C&IT in the Arts and Humanities: opportunities, obstacles and solutions
Presentation by Dr. Frances Condron, CTI Textual Studies

Fit for Purpose? Evaluating digital resources
Presentation by Dr. Michael Fraser, CTI Textual Studies

Electronic Texts and Text Analysis
A page of links to electronic texts and text analysis materials on the web plus a bibliography.
Compiled by Dr. Michael Fraser.

National services and projects supporting teaching with C&IT:

UK-Hum-IT guide to national projects and services

CTI Art & Design's Guide to national organisations and initiatives

Collaborative learning online:

Introductory presentation
by Stuart Sutherland, CTI Textual Studies

Bibliography and links to sites and projects supporting online learning
Compiled by Stuart Sutherland, CTI Textual Studies

Derek Harding, Project Director of the Courseware for History Implementation Consortium,
reported on the use of computer conferencing in the teaching of History at the University of Teesside and on a computer conferencing pilot with secondary school students each using the free DNews conferencing software.

Computer-aided assessment
Handout with links to examples and question generators
by Pauline McCormack, University of Newcastle

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