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The GroupThe O'Hare group in 2015



Professor Dermot O'Hare was born in Newry, Co Down and studied at Balliol College, Oxford University, where he obtained his B.Sc. in 1982 and his D. Phil in 1985, under the direction of Professor M.L.H Green. Subsequently, he was awarded a Royal Commission of 1851 Research Fellowship. He was a visiting research fellow at CR&D E.I. du Pont deNemours in Wilmington, Delaware in 1986/7 were he worked in the group lead by Prof J.S. Miller on molecular-based magnetic materials. In 1987 he returned to Oxford to a short term lectureship and in 1990 he was appointed to a permanent University position and a Septcentenary Tutorial Fellowship at Balliol College. In 1996 he was honoured by the Institüt de France, Académie des Sciences as one of the top 50 leading scientists in Europe under 40 yrs. He was the Royal Society of Chemistry Sir Edward Frankland Fellow in 1996/97. In 1997 he was awarded the Exxon European Chemical and Engineering Prize. In 1998 he became Professor. His interests are wide ranging, and include exploratory synthetic organometallic chemistry, intercalation chemistry, time-resolved, in situ diffraction studies and the synthesis of meso- and microporous solids. In 2010 he won the Royal Society of Chemistry's Ludwig Mond award for outstanding research in Inorganic chemistry.

Dermot is also interested in modifications to his Lotus Esprit. His personal webpage can be found here.


J-CJean-Charles “JC” Buffet joined the group in June 2011. In 2005, he obtained an MSc from UPMC (Paris) working with Prof. Bernadette Charleux on polymers synthesis via RAFT agents. In 2009, he graduated for Edinburgh University with a PhD on biodegradable polymers synthesis via homochiral complexes under the supervision of Prof. Polly Arnold. Following this, he moved to Aachen (Germany) to work for Prof. Jun Okuda on meso-lactide polymerisation. In Oxford, he will study olefin polymerization in collaboration with SCG Chemicals. Since September 2014, JC became SCG Programme Manager overseeing SCG Chemicals research projects and team members. In his spare time, he likes pretending to go for a run while drinking beers watching sports.

zoeZoë Turner joined the group in August 2012. In 2010, she obtained her PhD from Edinburgh University working on small molecule activation by electropositive metal N-heterocyclic carbene complexes under the supervision of Prof. Polly Arnold. Following this, she travelled to the US as the Astra Zeneca Fulbright Scholar to work in the group of Prof Paul Chirik at Princeton University. Here, she studied dinitrogen activation using transition metals supported by redox-active ligands. In Oxford, she will work on new catalysts for olefin polymerisation in collaboration with SCG Chemicals. Away from the lab, Zoë enjoys watching sport of all kinds, travelling and hiking.


MichelleMichelle Miaosen Yang obtained her PhD degree from Beijing University of Chemical Technology in 2012. After working for six months at Tsinghua University, she joined the O‘Hare Group in April 2013 as a postdoc. Her study is mainly focused on the synthesis and properties of layered double hydroxides.


ChunpingChunping Chen joined in the group in June 2013. She received her PhD degree from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) in 2013, where she studied the functionalization of LDHs under supervison of Assoc. Prof. Rong Xu. In Oxford, she is working on LDH catalysts in collaboration with SCG Chemicals. When not in the lab, she loves travelling and snorkeling, enjoys designing video slideshows, and making Chinese knotting and cross-stitch.


YueYue Wu was raised in a range of countries, including England and New Zealand. Despite having committed no crimes, Yue was moved to Australia where he obtained a PhD at the University of Sydney in 2013, working on negative thermal expansion in metal-organic framework materials with Prof. Cameron Kepert. Yue joined the group in January 2014. He has inherited an in-situ diffraction cell, and is supported by an EU project to study the formation of nanoparticles (and other things). In his spare time, you might find him at the nearest archery range or dojo.


SandySandy Kilpatrick joined the group in February 2015. He graduated with an MChem from the University of Oxford in 2009, which included a Part II project with Prof. Philip Mountford working on chromium complexes for selective ethylene oligomerisation. In 2014, he obtained his PhD from the University of Sussex working on bimetallic complexes of d and f-block metals with pentalene ligands under the supervision of Prof. Geoff Cloke FRS. Now back in Oxford, Sandy is working on solid supports for olefin polymerisation in collaboration with SCG Chemicals and in October 2015 became the RJP Williams Junior Research Fellow at Wadham College. When not doing chemistry, he enjoys camping, cycling and making music.


HaohongHaohong Duan joined the group in January, 2015. He received his BS degree from Peking University in 2009, and his PhD degree from Tsinghua University in 2014, with Acad. Yadong Li, where he worked on the synthesis and catalytic studies of rhodium-based nanomaterials. Currently he is working on the fabrication of novel heterogeneous catalysts for the hydrodeoxygenation of bio-oil in collaboration with Prof. S. C. Edman Tsang and SCG Chemicals and Papers. Away from the lab, Haohong enjoys watching musical and drama. You might find him at the theater in West End of London every weekend.


Hongri Hongri (Clara) Suo joined the group in September, 2015 as a academic visitor. She received her PhD degree from Jilin University in 2015, with Assoc Prof Runwei Wang, where she worked on the synthesis and application of inorganic nano-porous materials. In Oxford she is working on the discovery of LDHs with novel morphologies with Prof O'Hare. Away from the lab Clara enjoys traveling, music and cooking!


D. Phil Students


HenryHenry Fisher is at Hertford College and joined the group as a part II in 2009 under the supervision of Gareth Williams, looking into the structure and properties of alum vaccine adjuvants. He has since worked as a research visitor investigating drug delivery and biomedical applications of LDHs, starting a DPhil in the same area in February 2011. When not in the lab, he can usually be found wearing lycra and sparkles at any available ballroom, or at Hertford College boathouse shouting at people twice his size.


no pic

Dave Xing joined the group in 2012 from Imperial College London. He is working on frustrated lewis pairs. When not in the lab, he can be found wearing short-suits and looking suave.




no picChris Wright is at Wadham College and joined the group in 2012 as a Part II student working on synthesising indium indenyl complexes for ethylene and lactide polymerisation under the supervision of Tom Arnold. He started his D.Phil. in October 2013 and is working on supported olefin methathesis catalysts. When not in the lab, he enjoys playing football and watching sport and films on TV.


no picPhakpoom Angpanitcharoen is at St John's College and joined the group in 2012 as a Part II student working on synthesising supported zirconocene catalysts for ethylene polymerisation under the supervision of Jean-Charles “JC” Buffet. He's since stayed on to do a DPhil working with JC and Tom on the synthesis of supported indenyl-based metallocene catalysts for olefin polymerisation. When not in the lab, his life mainly consists of football and gaming.


DuncanDuncan Fraser is at Balliol College and joined the group in 2014, where he will be working on the synthesis of permethylpentalene complexes for olefin oligomerisation and polymerisation. He graduated from Imperial College London in 2014 working with Dr Andrew Ashley on the selective reduction of carbon dioxide to fuels and chemically useful carbon-containing compounds. When not in the lab he can be found making bad jokes while drinking cheap red wine.



KanittikaKanittika Ruengkajorn is at Balliol College and joined the group in 2014. She is an SCG Packaging scholar working on LDHs for packaging applications under the supervision of Chunping Chen. When not in the lab she enjoys travelling, dancing, and cooking with friends.


Duncan Jess Lamb is at Balliol College and joined the group in 2015 working on the synthesis of supported zirconocene catalysts and their use in ethylene polymerisation. She completed her MChem degree at the University of Leeds in 2015 where she worked with Dr Jamie A Gould on the development of pyrazole ligands and their application in the synthesis of pyrazolate MOFs. When not doing chemistry, she likes to pretend she knows how to kayak.


Part II Students


KatarinaKatarina Cermelj is at Balliol College and is working on synthesising superhydrophobic organo-LDHs. When not in the lab, she enjoys browsing recipe websites, cooking and counting squirrels during walks in University Parks.



LizzyLizzy Hamilton is a Part II student in the group, and is the solo Christ Church chemist. She is working on the synthesis of novel group 4 amido complexes using the permethylpentalene ligand, with a view to developing their use as small molecule activation and hydroamination catalysts. When out of the lab, she can reliably found on the nearest horse, travelling or cocktail in hand, preferably all at once.



WingJoyce Kwok is at Balliol College and is working on developing AMO-LDHs for hydrodeoxygenation (HDO). She is the president of the university's ultimate (frisbee) club so in her free time can be found chasing 175g discs of plastic in fields. She also enjoys swimming, knitting and crochet.




Tom Williams is from Balliol College. He is studying tungsten imido compounds and their use in olefin oligomerisation and metathesis. When not in labs he is playing hockey, cricket, or any other sport.




Visiting Students


The O'Hare group has a long standing tradition of welcoming visiting students for varying periods of time.

We're hoping to be joined by a new visiting student in the next few months.