Welcome to the DOH group webpage


The O'Hare group is an Inorganic Chemistry research group based in the University of Oxford.

The O'Hare group have a wide range of research interests spanning organometallic and solid-state chemistry. We're particularly interested in the synthesis of novel compounds. The titles of some currently active projects are given below and further information can be found in the Research Areas section.

In-Situ Diffraction Studies

Activation of small molecules using Frustrated Lewis Pairs

The synthesis and characterisation of novel organometallic compounds

Application of Layered Double Hydroxides

Recent News


7/10 - Congratulations to Dr. Chadwick on passing his viva! He is moving on to a postdoc. position just over the hall with the Weller Group, so we'll still see him around the department.

9/8 - Congratulations to Dr. Moorhouse on passing his viva! The O'Hare group wish him well on his move to Aberdeen to work for BP.

5/7 - Congratulations to Anchalee on passing her viva! The O'Hare group were very sad to see her leave to go back to Thailand.

6/4 - CONGRATULATIONS to J-C and Zoe on their marriage. More importantly the O'Hare group came 4th in the catalyst cup...

13/12 - CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Robert Cooper who has passed his Viva. He's staying on for a while as a post-doc doing a short project.

17/9 - Welcome to our four new part II's: Chloe, Ella, Golf and Chris!

31/8 - Goodbye to our SCG collaborators! It's been great having you!


29/8 - CONGRATULATIONS to Hasna Zaher who handed in her thesis today! And goodbye to Qiang who is going to Beijing Forestry University.

13/8 - Welcome to our SCG collaborators, who will be living and breathing the O'Hare group for the next few weeks.