How to join the O'Hare group


Details of how to join the group as a postdoctoral, D. Phil or Part II researcher are given below. For more information please email Professor O'Hare


People interested in postdoctoral opportunities in the group should contact Professor O'Hare by email.

D. Phil

The group welcomes applications from suitable candidates wishing to specialise in either solid state or organometallic chemistry. Candidates can either bring their own source of funding, or can apply for an already funded place within the group, although only a limited number of these are available each year. Current D.Phil students are either funded by the EPSRC or by case awards from industry. Candidates wishing to find their own funding could consider other sources such as scholarships or from other national bodies. Further information on graduate opportunities in chemistry can be found here and here. Information of funding for international students can be found here.

Students usually start their D.Phil in October. Sources of funding usually last for between three and three and a half years.

Part II

If you are a third year undergraduate student at the University of Oxford then you can apply to spend your fourth year under the supervision of Professor O'Hare. Information about the application process can be found here. In the O'Hare group the year is relatively structured with each Part II student being directly supervised by either a D.Phil or Postdoc. At the start of the year you will be given a project related in some way to that of your supervisor, enabling them to give you direct assistance as you learn the various practical/analytical techniques required. Over the course of the year you will have opportunities to practice various techniques such as presenting your work to the group at the weekly group meeting. By the end of the year you will be expected to produce a thesis of approximately 60 pages to submit to the examiners to complete your degree.

Potential Part II applicants usually come round to look at the group from late Michaelmas until the application deadline. If you are interested in learning more and applying to join the group then you should email Professor O'Hare.