Dr Balakumar Vijayakrishnan
Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Dr. Balakumar Vijayakrishnan studied his M.Sc degree (2001-2003) at the Indian Institute of Technology – Madras, Chennai, India. He then went on to obtained his Ph.D. degree (2004-2008) under the guidance of Professor Martin G. Peter at the University of Potsdam, Germany. His research was focused on the synthesis of chitooligosaccharides by solution and solid phase methodologies. In October 2008, Bala moved to Oxford to join the BGD group, where he is currently working on the synthesis of glycoconjugates for the development of potential vaccines for HIV. Outside the lab Bala enjoys bowling, watching a wide variety of sports, visiting restaurants, cooking, and exploring the UK and Europe.

Last updated: 19-05-10

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