Charlie Fehl

Dr. Charlie Fehl trained in synthetic organic medicinal chemistry under the guidance of Jeff Aubé at the University of Kansas, where he used structural biology to design selective inhibitors for cytochromes P450 involved in cancer. As a postdoctoral scholar in the BGD group, Charlie is applying the chemical methodology expertise honed on organic transformations to imbue glycosyltransferase with new chemical activity, i.e. the transfer of various saturated heterocycles beyond sugars that hold high chemical and biological interest. He also is developing a chemoenzymatic strategy to build complex proteoglycan systems, using a photochemical control sequence to 'turn on' enzymatic sugar additions and install chemically-defined glycans. In his spare time, he writes about science and public outreach for the American Associate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, where he helps run the blog committee. He hopes to help bring exciting science outside of the research sector and into the public conversation: blog.

Last updated: 07-04-16

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