Jonny Goodfellow
1st year DPhil, Oriel College

Jonny Goodfellow was born in North Belfast, Northern Ireland (so he was), where he spent most of his childhood embracing the Irish culture and developing an impressively rubbish grasp of the Irish language. He attended Aquinas Grammar School where he acquired A-levels in Chemistry, Biology and Psychology. However, one day he decided that he had had enough of the Emerald Isle for now and jumped on the next available plane, departing for Manchester University where he studied for a degree in Chemistry. After graduating with a first class degree in 2008, he went on to carry out research under Professor John Sutherland, focusing on Prebiotic Chemistry for a year. There his love of all things sugar-based started and having had enough of the constant rain in Manchester, he moved down south to commence his DPhil under the supervision of Professor Ben Davis. His research focuses on chemoenzymatic synthesis of glycoproteins and is funded by the BBSRC and Glycoform. Outside the lab, he spends a lot of time playing Judo for the Oxford University team (where he is currently social secretary), playing piano and double bass, chronic jogging, tea and binge chocolate eating.

Last updated: 19-04-10

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