Dr Ram Sagar
Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Ram Sagar was born in 1977 in the state of Utter Pradesh, India, where he spent most of his childhood and took the primary schooling. After obtaining first class BSc (1998) and MSc (2001) degrees from university of Lucknow, India, he joined Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow, India for his PhD degree in 2001. He worked in an anti-tuberculosis team under the supervision of Dr Arun K shaw.

During pre-doctoral research He designed and synthesised C-3 branched 2,3-dideoxyglucopyranosides-4-ulose a new class of anti-tubercular compounds. He developed many methodologies one of them was consecutive approach for the synthesis of highly functionalised chirally pure tetrahydrofuran motifs. He got his PhD in 2006 jointly from CDRI and Dr BRA University Agra, India.

He also worked with Prof. Y D Vankar at Indian Institute of Techanology Kanpur (IITK), India during 2006-2007 before moving to South Korea. He joined Seoul National University, South Korea as Brain Korea 21 fellowship and worked with Prof. Seung Bum Park during 2007-2008. During his first aboard post-doc he designed and synthesised carbohybrids on Diversity Oriented Synthesis (DOS) pathways. He published 15 international papers and filed 1 patent from his pre- and post- doctoral research.

In October 2008 he moved to Chemistry Research Laboratory, University of Oxford and working with Prof. Ben Davis. He is currently focusing on sugar signalling in plants and protein construction projects.

Outside lab, he enjoys playing, listing music, devotional songs and reading books. He also spent some free time in doing meditation and Yoga.

Last updated: 06-07-10

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