Régis Saliba
1st year DPhil, Pembroke College

Régis is a little French from Villefranche sur Saône (capital of Beaujolais). The wine was so bad that he decided to move to Switzerland (where the chocolate is so good) to commence his undergraduate studies at EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne). During this time, he carried out two little projects - one under the supervision of Pr. Paul J Dyson and the other under the supervision of Pr. Karl Gademann. After that, he made a little trip to Palaiseau at École Polytechnique, somewhere lost in the forest in the south east of Paris, to do his master thesis under the supervision of Joëlle Prunet in 2007. This research focused on the conjugate/elimination cascade reaction. He came back to Switzerland in 2008, where he worked in the most horrible place in the world ..... The Barclays Bank! After two months, he decided to run back to chemistry to Merck Serono Geneva for nine months where he worked on photochemistry under the supervision of Dr. Anna Quattropani in the MedChem department. Finally in October 2009 he moved to the the B. G. Davis Group to begin his DPhil. This current research focuses on carbohydrate chemistry, specifically on DC-SIGN trafficking . His project is funded in part with the Marie Curie scholarship and Carmusys Network.

Outside the working hours he like listening music, going to London for musicals, fencing and going back to France to visit his family. He is also a chocolate and coca-cola addict.

Last updated: 19-04-10

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