Main Publications

"Good for the Environment, Good for Business: Foreign Acquisitions and Energy Intensity" with A. Brucal and I. Love
Journal of International Economics, forthcoming

"Climbing the Rungs of the Quality Ladder: FDI and Domestic Exporters in Romania" with M. Bajgar
Economic Journal, conditional acceptance

"Don't Throw in the Towel, Throw in Trade Credit!" with B. Demir
Journal of International Economics, 2018
(previously circulated as "Grin and Bear It: Producer-financed Exports from an Emerging Market")
[pre-print version] [Slides]

"Working across Time Zones: Exporters and the Gender Wage Gap" with E.A. Boler and K.H. Ulltveit-Moe
Journal of International Economics, 2018
[pre-print version] [Slides] [featured in CEPR vox column]

"New and Improved: Does FDI Boost Production Complexity in Host Countries?" with A. Lo Turco and D. Maggioni
Economic Journal, 2018
[pre-print version] [Slides]

"The ISO 9000 Certification: Little Pain, Big Gain?" with N. Sawada
European Economic Review, 2018
[pre-print version]

"Transplanting Corporate Culture across International Borders" with N. Kodama and Y. Abe
The World Economy, 2018
[pre-print version]

"Former Foreign Affiliates: Cast Out and Outperformed?" with S. Poelhekke
Journal of the European Economic Association, 15(3), 2017 (lead article) [pre-print version]
[featured in CEPR vox column] [Slides]

"Accession to the World Trade Organization and Tariff Evasion" with G. Narciso
Journal of Development Economics, 125, 2017 [pre-print version] [on-line appendix]
[featured in CEPR vox column]

"Testing the Core-Competency Model of Multi-Product Exporters" with C. Eckel, L. Iacovone and P. Neary
Review of International Economics (Festschrift volume) 24(4), 2016 [pre-print version]

"Services Reform and Manufacturing Performance: Evidence from India" with J. Arnold, M. Lipscomb and A. Mattoo
Economic Journal, 126(590), 2016 [pre-print version]
[featured in CEPR vox column]

"Multi-Product Firms at Home and Away: Cost- versus Quality-Based Competence"
with C. Eckel, L. Iacovone and P. Neary
Journal of International Economics, 95(2), 2015 [pre-print version]
[Among most cited JIE articles since 2015]

"Supplier Responses to Walmart's Invasion in Mexico" (Lead article)
with L. Iacovone, W. Keller and J.Tybout
Journal of International Economics, 95(1), 2015 [pre-print version]
[featured in CEPR vox column]

"Do the Biggest Aisles Serve a Brighter Future? Global Retail Chains and Their Implications for Romania" with Y. Li
Journal of International Economics, 90(2), 2013 [pre-print version] [Additional results]
[featured in CEPR vox column]

"FDI and Export Upgrading" with T. Harding
Review of Economics and Statistics, 94(4), 2012 [pre-print version]
[featured in CEPR vox column]

"Does Services Liberalization Benefit Manufacturing Firms? Evidence from the Czech Republic"
with J. Arnold and A. Mattoo
Journal of International Economics, 85(1), 2011 [pre-print version]
[featured in CEPR vox column]

"Roll out the Red Carpet and They Will Come: Investment Promotion and FDI Inflows" with T. Harding
Economic Journal, 121(557), 2011 [pre-print version]
[featured in CEPR Vox column, Beyond Transition newsletter]

"Does It Matter Where You Come From? Vertical Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment and the Origin of Investors" with M. Spatareanu
Journal of Development Economics, 96(1), 2011 [pre-print version]

"Migrant Networks and Foreign Direct Investment" with C. Ozden, M. Spatareanu and C. Neagu
Journal of Development Economics, 94(2), 2011 [pre-print version]

"Multi-product Exporters: Product Churning, Uncertainty and Export Discoveries" with L. Iacovone
Economic Journal, 120(544), 2010 [pre-print version]

"Tough Love: Do Czech Suppliers Learn from Their Relationships with Multinationals?" with M. Spatareanu
Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Special issue on Heterogeneous firms and trade, 111(4), 2009
[pre-print version]

"Gifted Kids or Pushy Parents? Foreign Direct Investment and Plant Productivity in Indonesia" with J. Arnold,
Journal of International Economics, 79(1), 2009 [pre-print version]

"Corruption and Cross-border Investment in Emerging Markets: Firm-Level Evidence" with S-J. Wei
Journal of International Money and Finance, 28(4) 2009 [pre-print version]

"Liquidity Constraints and Linkages with Multinationals" with M. Spatareanu
World Bank Economic Review, 23(2), 2009 [pre-print version]

"Differentiated Products and Evasion of Import Tariffs" with G. Narciso,
Journal of International Economics, 76(2), 2008 [pre-print version]

"Trade Costs and Location of Foreign Firms in China" with M. Amiti,
Journal of Development Economics, 85(1-2), 2008 [pre-print version]

"To Share or Not to Share: Does Local Participation Matter for Spillovers from FDI?" with M. Spatareanu,
Journal of Development Economics, 85(1-2), 2008 [pre-print version]

"Do Foreign Investors Care about Labor Market Regulations?" with M. Spatareanu
Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, 141(3), 2005 [pre-print version]

"Does Foreign Direct Investment Increase the Productivity of Domestic Firms?
In Search of Spillovers through Backward Linkages
American Economic Review, 94(3), 2004 [pre-print version]
   Reprinted in Multinational Enterprises and Host Economies, K. Meyer, ed., Edward Elgar, 2008
   Reprinted in Globalization and Productivity, D. Greenaway, H. Gorg and R. Kneller, eds., Edward Elgar, 2008

"The Composition of Foreign Direct Investment and Protection of Intellectual Property
Rights in Transition Economies
European Economic Review, 48(1), 2004 [pre-print version]
   Reprinted in Intellectual Property and Development: Lessons from Recent Economic Research, C. Fink and K. Maskus, eds.,
   Oxford University Press, 2005

"Pollution, Corruption and the Location of Foreign Direct Investment: Dirty Secret or Popular Myth?"
with Shang-Jin Wei, Contributions to Economic Analysis & Policy, 3(2), 2004 [pre-print version]
   Reprinted in The Economics of Pollution Havens, D. Fullerton, ed., Edward Elgar, 2006
   Reprinted in Multinational Enterprises and Host Economies, K. Meyer, ed., Edward Elgar, 2008