Work in Progress

"Globalization: A Woman's Best Friend? Exporters and the Gender Wage Gap"
with E.A. Boler and K.H. Ulltveit-Moe, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 10475, 2015
[featured in CEPR vox column]

"Grin and Bear It: Producer-financed Exports from an Emerging Market"
with B. Demir, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 10142, 2014

"New and Improved: FDI and the Building Blocs of Complexity"
with A. Lo Turco and D .Maggioni, 2015

"Climbing the Rungs of the Quality Ladder: FDI and Domestic Exporters in Romania"
with M. Bajgar, 2014

"Transplanting Corporate Culture across International Borders"
with N. Kodama and Y. Abe, 2016

"FDI Promotion and Comparative Advantage"
with T. Harding and D. Maggioni, 2013

"Accession to the World Trade Organization and Tariff Evasion"
with G. Narciso, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 9592, 2013
[featured in CEPR vox column]

"Getting Ready: Preparation for Exporting"
with L. Iacovone, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 8926, 2012
(previously circulated as "Shipping The Good Tequila Out: Investment, Domestic Unit Values and Entry of Multi-Product Plants into Export Markets")