Current and Past Students

at University of Oxford

  • Goran Banjac
    Topic: Performance certification for embedded optimisation.

  • Nikitas Rontsis
    Topic: Probabilisitic machine learning and system identification.

  • Shuhao Yan
    Topic: Control for chance constrained systems.

  • Denis Lebedev

at ETH Zurich

  • Andreas Hempel
    Topic: Inverse parametric programming and applications to hybrid systems.

  • Bart Van Parys
    Topic: Distributionally robust optimization and performance bounds for uncertain systems.

  • Robin Vujanic
    Thesis: Convex Relaxations in Mixed-Integer Optimization - Methods and Control Applications.
    Awarded 2014.

  • Joseph Warrington
    Thesis: Robust and Distributed Approaches to Power System Optimization.
    Awarded 2013.

at Imperial College London

  • Yinan (Tony) Wang
    Topic: Nonlinear control synthesis for very flexible aircraft.
    Co-supervised with Dr. Rafael Palacios in Department of Aeronautics.

  • Michael Hadjiyannis
    Thesis: Decision under uncertainty: Problems in control theory, robust optimization and game theory.
    Co-supervised with Dr. Daniel Kuhn in Department of Computing.
    Awarded 2014.

  • David Pearson
    Thesis: Characterization and Estimation of the Flow over a Forward-Facing Step.
    Awarded 2013.

  • Rushen Patel
    Thesis: Prohibited Volume Avoidance for Aircraft.
    Awarded 2010.