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Malcolm's Bookmarks
Mozilla Products
/ Internet / -Miscellania
(3com) Solutions and Technologies
ADSLguide: The UK's largest independent ADSL review site - Your guide to UK broadband Internet.
An Atlas of Cyberspaces - Web Site Maps
Ariadne's Home Page
Browsing local drives
Connected Earth: How communication shapes the world
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FreebiesOnly.com - Free Page/Server Monitor
HTML code help - check tags and links.
How to Obscure Any URL
Index of /~malcolm/nifty
Internet Resources Newsletter
Internet Traffic Report
Make A Shorter Link
Matt's Script Archive, Inc.
Network Sorcery
PDF - Avoid for On-Screen Reading (Alertbox June 2001)
Technology and Standards Watch Reports
The Balkanization of the Web: Overview
TracerLock. Monitor the Web. Lock, stock and barrel
Training Notes - Programming languages and techniques
URL Organizer 2 - the smarter bookmark manager
URL as UI (Alertbox March 1999)
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
Web Developer's Virtual Library: Encyclopedia of Web Design Tutorials, Articles and Discussions
WebReview.com: Style Sheet Reference Guide
Welcome to Cyber-Geography Research
Welcome to Tracerlock
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A-Prompt Project
ALT texts in IMG
APU: Web Accessibility Guidelines
APU: Web Accessibility Guidelines
About Color Blindness - What, why, how - problems
Accessibility (Opera) Info Page
Accessibility Toolkit
Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen's Column on Web Usability
BBC Education Betsie Site
Bobby WorldWide
Colorblind Web Page Filter
Disabled Users and the Web (Jakob Nielsen's Alert Box October 1996)
Dive Into Accessibility
HiSoftware Announces new Accessibility Solutions
HiSoftware Corporate Web Site
JILT: Web Accessibility and the DDA
National Centre for Tactile Diagrams
RNIB - Royal National Institute for the Blind, UK
RNID - Information - Factsheets
Special Needs
TechDis Homepage
Text-friendly Authoring
Trinity College - Accessibility Statement
University of Oxford: Accessibility Guidelines: Quick Tips
UsableNet - Website Testing Systems
Vischeck URL
Vischeck: About Daltonize
Vischeck: FAQ
Vischeck: Home
Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Home Page
Web Accessibility Research Projects
Web Accessible Publishing Wizard for Microsoft ® Office
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
browsealoud ...speech enabling web sites
/ Internet / Accessibility / AccessKeys
Accesskey standards | clagnut/blog
Improving accessibility with ACCESSKEY in HTML forms and links
Resources - Using Accesskeys - Is it worth it? :: WATS.ca
/ Internet / Accessibility / Inaccessibility
Lahinch Travel
School of Biological Sciences
/ Internet / Accessibility / PDF
Guide to Creating Accessible PDF Files for Use on the Web
access.adobe.com home page
/ Internet / Accessibility / SENDA
Explanatory Notes to Special Educational Needs And Disability Act 2001
Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001
/ Internet / Accessibility / Section508
Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act
U.S. Access Board - A Federal Agency Committed to Accessible Design for People with Disabilities
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Faq-O-Matic Faq-O-Matic
phpBB.com :: Creating Communities
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Columbine Bookmark Merge
Compass - Home
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Amaya Home Page
Amaya ftp://ftp.w3.org/pub/amaya/
Browser Compatibility Chart
Display request
Enigma Browser 3.6.0
Galeon: Download
Galeon: the web, only the web
How can I remove AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)?
IE NetRenderer - Browser Compatibility Check -
Index of /~malcolm/4opera
Lynx Information
Multiple IE installs
Netscape 7.1
Plucker - The only way to carry the web in your pocket
SecurityFocus HOME Mailing List: BugTraq
The Off By One Web Browser
The Omni Group: Applications: OmniWeb
Yahoo! Groups : EnigmaNews Files
/ Internet / Browsers / Mozilla
Mozilla Firefox - The Browser, Reloaded
Mozilla Firefox Project (Development Information)
Mozilla Products
Phoenix Kiosk Browser
mozdev.org - checky: index
/ Internet / Browsers / Opera
30 Days to becoming an Opera Lover
Custom Buttons
Customizing Opera
Debugging JavaScript issues in Opera
Drag'n'drop buttons for Opera
Mbox, Tools, Opera
MemGuard: New Inspector companion
Migrating custom settings from one Opera installation to another - The Falcon's Nest - ... how to soar with Opera... - by Neeraj Deshmukh
My Opera - Community for Opera users
O4FE ... Joe's Slim Software
Opera Browser Wiki :: Custom Buttons to Drag'n'Drop into your Opera
Opera Browser Wiki :: Web Developer Toolbar & Menu for Opera 8
Opera Developer Community
Opera Mail Tutorial (Opera M2) | PDF Crashes Opera Mail | Free Email Tutorials
Opera Software
Opera Software - Beta Testing
Opera bugfixes and tweaks
Opera developer tools - Opera Developer Community
Opera for Windows - Previews and Betas
Opera-users FAQ
Opera: The Fastest Browser on Earth (TnTLuoma.com)
System Administrator's Handbook
The Master is only entered once - The Falcon's Nest - ... how to soar with Opera... - by Neeraj Deshmukh
The Opera Custom Buttons & Command Creator
kestrel directory | Opera Volunteer Area
/ Internet / CGI
CGI - Common Gateway Interface
CGI.pm - a Perl5 CGI Library
The CGI Resource Index
The cgi-lib.pl Home Page
/ Internet / CSS
A List Apart: Fear of Style Sheets 4
CSS2 syntax and basic data types
Complete CSS Guide: Introduction
Guide to Cascading Style Sheets
Martin Lucas-Smith's work pages » 101 things you never knew you could do with stylesheets
Power To The People: Relative Font Sizes: A List Apart
/ Internet / Cookies
Cookie Pal
/ Internet / Email
291387 - OLEXP: Using Virus Protection Features in Outlook Express 6
7 reasons why HTML email is a bad thing
Access to GENUKI documents for those with an email-only service
Accessing the Internet by E-Mail FAQ
Bottom vs. top posting and quotation style on Usenet
Death to Spam
Don's Anti-Spam Page
Emailchemy - The Email Alchemist
Exim Filter Specification - Table of Contents
Express Archiver - Backup Outlook Express Mails, Archive and Extract Mails in HTML or Full Source from any dbx Files
Free dbx downloads
How to Turn Off HTML in Your E-Mail Client
Infinite Ink's Mail, News, and General Messaging
InterGuru's E-Mail Address Conversions
JISCmail Homepage
MailBigFile : Send large files quickly & easily without clogging up your email.
Message Cleaner : email and newsgroup message clean-up utility
Outlook Express FAQ - Computing Services
POPFile Documentation
Pegasus Mail
Pine Information Center
Pine Information Center--Pine Release Chronology & Version Changes
Reading Email Headers
Signatures: The AFW FAQ - alt.fan.warlord, signatures, and all that
The Mail Archive
The Pine FAQs
exim Internet Mailer
ii.com · IMAP Service Providers: A Step in Dealing with Viruses, Spam, and Email Overload by Nancy McGough
ii.com: Changing Your From Header in Pine by Nancy McGough
www.ezmlm.org Table of Contents
/ Internet / Email / BoxCheckers
POP Peeper - Email Notification
POP3 Scan Mailbox
PopTray Mail Notifier
/ Internet / Email / Clients
Mozilla - Home of the Firefox web browser and Thunderbird e-mail client
Mozilla Products
MozillaZine Forums
Thunderbird - Reclaim Your Inbox
Thunderbird 1.5 RC 2 Release Notes
Thunderbird Bugs - MozillaZine Forums
Thunderbird Features - MozillaZine Forums
Thunderbird General - MozillaZine Forums
Thunderbird Mail Project Page
Thunderbird Support - MozillaZine Forums
the mozilla.org projects list
/ Internet / Email / Plain-Text
AOL V6.0 Plain Text
AOL V7.0 Plain Text AOL 7.0
Configuring Mail Clients to Send Plain ASCII Text
How to Turn Off HTML in Your E-Mail Client
Plain Text with AOL
Sending Messages in Plain Text
Unofficial AOL Email FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
/ Internet / Email / Spam
American Scientist - Computing Science
Reading Email Headers
Revealing Your Hidden Email Addresses
Spam Links - Prevent
SpamBayes: Background Reading
Spambot Beware - Avoidance
Why Am I Getting All This Spam?
/ Internet / FTP
FileWare - Software and Consulting services
GetRight Download Manager: Resume Downloads, Schedule Downloads, Faster Downloads
ReGet http/ftp Download Manager Series
SimplytheBest FTP utilities ftp upload FTP tools shareware freeware
UploadAway the Automated FTP client
/ Internet / Firewalls
Agnitum Support - Outpost FAQ
Agnitum: Download: Outpost Firewall
Agnitum: Taking care of your security
/ Internet / Guidelines
Creating Killer Websites Online - Core Page
Office of the e-Envoy
Producing for the Web
Summary of measures to stop email address harvesting.
Ultimate Web Publisher's Guide!
/ Internet / HTML
AnyBrowser Pages
Areti Status
Beginners guide to HTML with examples on Javascript and HTML
CSE HTML Validator Download Page
Character entity references in HTML 4
Clean up your Web pages with HTML TIDY
CoffeeCup Software - The CoffeeCup HTML Editor and Great Website Design Software !
Dave Raggett's Introduction to HTML
DevEdge Online - Documentation - HTML
Dmitry's Design Lab - Graphic Web Design Using Fonts, Photography, Animation and HTML - WebReference.com
HTML Dog - HTML and CSS Tutorials, References, and Articles
HTML Editors evaluation - conclusion
HTML Goodies - Home Page
HTML Help by The Web Design Group
HTML Home Page
HTML Kit User Manual
HTML Link Tags Examples
HTML code help - check tags and links.
HTML: The Complete Reference
Index DOT Html and Index DOT Css: THE Advanced HTML/CSS References
Index DOT Html and Index DOT Css: THE Advanced HTML/CSS References
Macromedia - Dreamweaver MX
Merchant's Encyclopedia of HTML
Mind Reading Markup Language (MRML)
Ox.mirror of W3C HTML Validation Service
Q-HTML homepage
Royal Holloway: HTML Editor URLs
Solutionsoft Home Page
Ultimate Web Publisher's Guide!
W3C HTML Validation Service
Web Authoring Resources
Web Site Development Information, Good Site Design Practices
Word Processor Filters
demoroniser - correct moronic and gratuitously incompatible Microsoft HTML
/ Internet / HTML / Entities
Adrian Roselli — A Simple Character Entity Chart
/ Internet / HTML / editors
Home of 1st Page 2000 : Html Editor : Php editor : Text Editor : Html Help
Maguma -- More Power With PHP!
/ Internet / Hosting
1&1 WebHosting
1&1 Webmail
Areti Internet - Mailedit
Areti Internet Ltd. - dedicated server hosting, web site hosting, managed servers, network consultancy, domain name registration, server maintenance contracts
Areti Status
Black Cat Networks Ltd. - Web, domain and email hosting at cheap prices in the UK
InetUK - UK and Irish Internet Company Directory
UK.TopHosts.Com - The Complete Web Hosting Resource
blueyonder - Help > Personal Webpages
ffhs-lists.org.uk - Control Panel - Home
/ Internet / IP/Domains
DNS Stuff: DNS tools, DNS hosting tests, WHOIS, tracert, ping, and other network and domain name tools.
Domain name registries around the world
DomainNotes.com: The Ultimate Domain Name Resource, with Domain News, Articles and Discussion
IP Address properties of your Internet Connection --> showmyip.com <--
International TLD Registry Operators < Domain Registration in the Yahoo! Directory
Karen's Power Tools
Query the RIPE Database
Who.is: Universal Whois Lookup
/ Internet / Insercurity
/ Internet / Java
Java Proxy Server
Java(TM) 2 Platform, Standard Edition
The Source for Java(TM) Technology
/ Internet / JavaScript
8,000+ Free JavaScript / Java Script Codes / JavaScripts / Java Scripts
Common JavaScript menus
Cross Browser DHTML JavaScript Web Site Navigation Menu. Popup Menus Sample Demos, & Scripts, DHTML Help & Dynamic HTML Source Code
Debugging JavaScript issues in Opera
Free JavaScript Resources, www.freeprogrammingresources.com
JavaScript Kit Free JavaScripts!
Menus - Website Design - Andrew Gregory's Webpages
Prototype JavaScript framework: Easy Ajax and DOM manipulation for dynamic web applications
The ShockZone's Javascript Site
Why JavaScript is in a Mess
/ Internet / LessNarrowBand
ADSLguide: The UK's largest independent ADSL review site - Your guide to UK broadband Internet.
Cable Modem Troubleshooting Tips
Chetnet - cool sites
Chetnet Unofficial Ntlworld Forums - Powered By vBindex
Chetnet, home of the cable modem forum and FAQ, don't forget to book mark us
DIY home networking guides and tutorials
Proxy Info Pages
Speed Test
The ultimate broadband router guide
ntl Service Status Page
www.cm-forums.co.uk :: Index
/ Internet / Metadata
Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)
Meta Matters
Metadata Searching - SearchTools Listings
Office of the e-Envoy
/ Internet / RSS
Institutional Web Management Workshop - 25-27 June 2001
Introduction to RSS - WebReference.com
RDF Site Summary (RSS) 1.0
RSS Tools (RSS Info)
RSS Validator
/ Internet / Scams
Metropolitan Police Fraud Alert
NCIS : National Criminal Intelligence Service
The Metropolitan Police Service
West African Organised Crime Service
West African advanced fee fraud
/ Internet / Searching
/ Internet / Searching / Directories
ODP - Open Directory Project
Opera Portal Network
/ Internet / Searching / Engines
Alkaline Search Engine
AltaVista - Welcome
AltaVista� - United Kingdom - Search
Ask Jeeves - Ask.com
BBC - Search - About BBCi Web Search
Excite Start Page
Free Pint - Helping you use the Web for your work
GO.com (Infoseek)
Google (.co.uk)
Google Groups
Google Search:
Google's University Search
HDL -- AlphaSearch - Browse by Discipline
HotBot UK
HotBot Web Search
Librarians' Index to the Internet
Lycos : Your Personal Internet Guide
NBCi - Home
Netscape NetCenter
Northern Light Search
SearchEzee Power Search Engine - Queries over 200 of the top search engines, directories and topical resources, in an easy to use interface. A search tool for research.
The InvisibleWeb
Yahoo! UK & Ireland
direct search - Web Search Tools and Directories (featuring Invisible Web Resources)
/ Internet / Searching / News
EContent Xtra
Free Pint - Helping you use the Web for your work
ITI NewsBreaks!
LLRX.com Front Page
ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals
ResearchBuzz -- Internet Research News and Information
Search engine news, on Web searching and search engine optimization
SearchDay - Keeping Current with the World of Search Engines - 2 May 2002
/ Internet / Searching / SomeOthers
web-search.cam.ac.uk: How the search engine indexes web servers
/ Internet / Searching / Technical
ABCi and IAB Spiders and Robots
About Search Indexing Robot Spiders
Add your URL to Google
Alphabetical List of SearchTools Product Reports
Definition: Eureka! - Secrets of Searching the Web & Promoting Your Website
Google Information for Webmasters
Google Technology
Invisible-web.net - Searchable databases and specialized search engines
Link Building - Becoming LinkWorthy
LinkPopularity.com: The Free Link Popularity Service
Optimisation Tips & News | searchengineblog
Rank Write Roundtable
Robots Meta Tag Format and Usage
Search Engine Watch: Tips About Internet Search Engines & Search Engine Submission
Search Engine World By Webmasters For Webmasters
Search Tools - Information, Guides and News
Search engine robots
Search engines for web authors: how to improve your ranking
SearchDay - A free daily newsletter from Search Engine Watch
Southampton University - Search: Brief Help
Southampton University - Search: Full Help
SpiderSpotting: When A Search Engine, Robot Or Crawler Visits
Survey Of UK HE Institutional Search Engines - Summer 1999
The 300 Most Common Words
The Web Robots Pages
Thunderstone: Webinator Web Index System
TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01
WWW Indexing
Webmaster Resources - Link Checking Services
Website Positioning Resources
Website Positioning Resources
/ Internet / Searching / ht://Dig
Ancestor Search - Soundex online coder with soundex algorithm explanation.
Constructing ht://Dig Search forms
Index of /files/contrib/scripts
SourceForge: Project Info - ht://Dig
Test of Phonetic Lookup Using Metaphone
ht://Dig 3.2
ht://Dig Frequently Asked Questions
htsearch - selectors
multilingual searching ++ geek ++ xtrinsic
where to get ht://Dig
/ Internet / ServerStuff
Brisoft - AutoSiteXxx
Netcraft What's That Site Running Results
/ Internet / ServerStuff / -Misc
HTTP Header Viewer
Rex Swain's HTTP Viewer
SOMiS: Web Wizards.
/ Internet / ServerStuff / Analog
Analog: Helper applications
Analog: WWW logfile analysis
Readme for analog -- index
Report Magic
/ Internet / ServerStuff / Apache
.htpasswd Content Generator
Apache HTTP Server Version 1.3 Documentation
Apache Today - Using .htaccess Files with Apache
Apache URL Rewriting Guide
Apache Week. The essential free resource for users of the world's most popular web server.
Apache Week. Using User Authentication
Full Problem Report Text for PR#543
The Apache Software Foundation
/ Internet / ServerStuff / AxKit
Apache AxKit
/ Internet / ServerStuff / PHP
PHP Directory Listing Script - Evoluted New Media
PHP: A simple tutorial - Manual
PHP: MySQL Functions - Manual
PHP: PHP Manual - Manual
/ Internet / ServerStuff / Stats_and_lies
Fred's web stats FAQ
On interpreting access statistics
Readme for analog -- how the web works
/ Internet / SiteManagement
Dreamweaver Course Resources
MPSOFTWARE - Designed for you
Nvu - The Complete Web Authoring System for Linux, Macintosh
/ Internet / Specs
Country Codes (ISO 3166)
DevEdge Online - Documentation - HTML
Internet FAQ Archives
What are these two letter codes in the Domain Summary section of my access statistics summary report?
/ Internet / Specs / MIME
Content-Type: multipart
MIME types
Zvon - RFC 2110 - Use of the Content-Type: Multipart/related
Zvon - RFC 2557 - Use of the Content-Type "multipart/related"
rfc2110 - MIME E-mail Encapsulation of Aggregate Documents, suc
rfc2112 - The MIME Multipart/Related Content-type
rfc2557 - MIME Encapsulation of Aggregate Documents, such as HT
/ Internet / Specs / RFCs-etc
Internet FAQ Archives
Internet FAQ Consortium
RFC Sourcebook
/ Internet / Specs / TCP/IP
Ask Jeeves Results
Port Numbers
RIPE NCC Homepage
/ Internet / Specs / URLs
RFC 2397 - data URLs
/ Internet / Time
Neutron -- Robin Keir's home page - Software - Neutron
/ Internet / URLs
RFC 1738 - p21
/ Internet / Usablilty
Advanced Common Sense Home
Bohmann Usability : European-based Web Usability Advisor
Frontend Usability InfoCentre - Home
Global Data
Global Data
Morons in wwwebbbbbbbb ssspaaaaaaaaaaace!
Software Usability Research Lab
Tomalak's Realm : Daily Links to Strategic Web Design News
Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design (Alertbox May 1996)
Usability News: for all the latest news in usability and human-computer interaction (HCI)
Usable Web
UsableNet - Website Testing Systems
Web Pages That Suck -- learn usability and good Web design by looking at bad design
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen's site (Usability and Web Design)
/ Internet / Usenet
Google Groups
/ Internet / W3c
Clean up your Web pages with HTML TIDY
The UK and Ireland W3C Regional Office - Contact
The World Wide Web Consortium
/ Internet / Wiki
All My FAQs
Front Page
Wiki Getting Started Faq
/ Internet / XML
About Weeds of El Limon: XML
Apache AxKit
AxKit Wiki - XMLReferenceCard
ElfData XML Editor for Macintosh
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
UCISA XML Event, St Anne's College, Oxford, 13th December 2001
Using XSP in AxKit
WDVL: XML: Extensible Markup Language
What Is...?, Ariadne, Issue 15
XML.com: XML From the Inside Out -- XML development, XML resources, XML specifications
/ Internet / XML / RSS
15 Ways To Read An RSS Feed
Abilon - Freeware RSS Feeds (channels) Aggregator - Home
Feed Validator for Atom and RSS
Introduction to RSS - WebReference.com
Making An RSS Feed
O'Reilly Network: Writing RSS 1.0
RSS 2.0
RSS Compendium - RSS Resources
RSS Edit - An Ultimate RSS Editor
RSS Tutorial for Content Publishers and Webmasters
RSS Utilities: A Tutorial
RSS Validator
Welcome: A Service of Wytheville Community College
XML.com: What is RSS?
/ Internet / XML / XSLT
EXSLT - Dates and Times
EXSLT - date:date - EXSLT Function Implementation
The SAXON XSLT and XQuery Processor
Treebeard Project
/ Internet / robots+validators
-- wGetGUI -- the easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) for wGet
A Real Validator -- True HTML Validation on Windows
A Standard for Robot Exclusion
Doctor HTML v6
GNU Wget Manual
HTTrack Website Copier - Offline Browser
Heiko Herold's windows wget spot
Linkcheckers and Site Maintenance Tools - Index
Software & Services for Checking Links & Creating Site Maps
The WDG's Links to Validators
The Web Robots Pages
TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01
WGET Web Mirroring & Retrieval Software
WGET for Windows
Web Site Garage - Improve Your Web Site
Welcome to Bobby WorldWide
Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM)
[DaveCentral] - DaveCentral: Webxref