5th Annual
Oxford Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy

Weekend of October 18-19, 2008

Faculty of Philosophy 10 Merton St., Oxford

A list of the papers that will be presented follows below

Please direct any questions via email to:
paul dot lodge at philosophy
dot ox dot ac dot uk

There is no registration for the conference. Those wishing to attend should simply come along.

Please note, however, that access to the building will be restricted and will only be possible during coffee breaks and before the beginning of sessions.

Schedule of Talks

Click here for short abstracts of the papersers

Saturday October 18

9.00-9.45 - Coffee

John Callanan (King's College, London)
'Concept-Mastery and Space: Interpreting the Third Paragraph of Kant's Metaphysical Exposition of Space.'

Gary Hatfield (University of Pennsylvania)
' Descartes' Rehabilitation of the Senses.'

11.45-12.15 - Break

Antonia LoLordo (University of Virginia)
'The Role of Definitions in Spinoza's Ethics'.

1.15-2.30 - LUNCH

2.30-3.30 -- Peter Millican (University of Oxford)
"Hume, Causal Realism, and Causal Science."

3.30-4.30 --
Eric Schliesser (Leiden University)
'Without God: Gravity as a Relational Quality of Matter in Newton.'

4.30-5.00 - Break

John Sellars (University of the West of England)
'Is God a Mindless Vegetable? Cudworth on Stoic Theology.'

Sunday October 19

9.00-9.30 -- Coffee

Frans Svensson and Lilli Alanen (University of Uppsala)
' A Design for Life: Descartes on Happiness and the Pursuit of Virtue.'

10.30-11.30 Thomas Vinci (Dalhousie University)
'Kant and Descartes on Intentionality.'

11.30-11.50 - Break

John Whipple (University of Illinois - Chicago)
' Leibniz on Divine Concurrence.'

Kenneth Winkler (Yale University)
'Causal Realism and Hume's Revisions of the Enquiry.'

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Please note: there will be no accommodation arranged for the conference.

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The seminar is made possible by the generous support of the
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford.